Voldemarovich Nusberg

Russia • born in 1937

Biography and information

Painter, Creator of kinetic objects.

In 1951-1958 he studied at the Moscow art school memory of 1905.

In the 1960s, involved the creation of kinetic objects with three-dimensional space. The artist used a variety of materials: wood, mirrors, nails, iron, plastic, factory waste. In 1962, led the Commonwealth of geometric and kinetic artists orientation in the arts, in 1964 — a team of "Movement". Their programme "Manifesto of the Russian kinetists" was published in the mid-sixties in England in the journal Studio International.

"...The basis of my credo is the expression of man's inner world not through the finished, finished form of a certain phenomenon or object, but through the MOVEMENT itself — the intensity — the process — pulsation, rhythm changes, etc. In the end I can say that the shape of the structure, the structure is even an obstacle to my main idea. It is too stiff, naked and unique... there is no boiling of life, there is dynamic tension. Sometimes I think that design is dead as a corpse, lifeless. But if it ceases to be strictly stationary, then even the skeleton of the design becomes more emotional softness, more dynamic and expressive.

I want to work with electromagnetic fields, with pulsating plasma blobs in space, with the motion of gases and liquids, with a mirror and various optical effects, with the change of temperature and different smells and, of course, with music" (L. Nusberg).

The group "Movement" lasted until 1977 and more than fifteen times performed at the all-Union and international conferences and symposia, including those held several official exhibitions:

1963 — exhibition of kinetic works by members of the "Movement" (Central house of arts, Moscow);

1964 — "towards a synthesis of arts" (Moscow);

1965 — exhibition in the House of architects (Leningrad);

1966 — exhibition at the culture House of the Institute of atomic energy. I. V. Kurchatov (Moscow).

In 1967 a group of Nusberga received state order for the decoration of Leningrad, on the fiftieth anniversary of the October revolution.

1976 Leo Nusberg emigrated to Germany, where in 1980 he moved to the United States.

Held a number of prominent and successful exhibitions in Europe (in Dusseldorf and Paris (1976), in Venice, Holland and London (1977), in Bochum, Turin, Kassel, new York (1978), Bochum (1979).

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