Esayas van de

Netherlands • 1591−1630

Studied, perhaps G. van koninksloo, D. Vinckboons. He was influenced by V. Batavia. He worked in Haarlem (1610-1618), 1618 — member of the Guild of painters, then in the Hague (1618 — member of the Guild), where he was court painter to the princes Maurice and Frederick Henry of orange. Wrote military battle and genre scenes, but preferred the image of mother nature, winter, river and dune landscapes. From a local variety of color early works (Winter landscape with ice skaters, 1615, Leipzig, Museum of fine arts), his painting evolved to a single key.

The son of the Antwerp artist Hans van de Velde. Studied at Coninxloo and David Vinckboons. In 1612 he became a master of the Guild of St. Luke. Despite the fact that he worked in Haarlem just a few years from 1610 to 1618., Esaias van de Velde is considered representative of the Haarlem school of painting, made a new one, the emotional aspect in the Dutch landscape. In addition to landscapes with individual figurines of people Esaias wrote urban views and genre paintings. Later work by E. van de Velde is rich composition and bright color. In addition, the artist wrote drinking scenes and the cavalry battle became a model for many generations of battle. His pupils were Jan van Goyen, Pieter de Neyn, Jan Asselyn. There is a large number of engravings, executed by Asiacom van de Velde.

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