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Vladislavovich Obukh

born in 1952

He was born in 1952. in the city of Leningrad.

1969-72 he studied at the Leningrad art College named. V. Serov.

1977 — graduated from the Leningrad Higher art-industrial school im. Mukhina, Department of monumental-decorative painting, class of Professor A. A. Kazantsev Teachers: E. F. Picot, K. L. iogansen, A. I. Kuznetsov, V. G. Leonov.

Since 1977 — participant of Republican, all-Union and foreign exhibitions.

From 1977-1994 worked in the system of HF in Moldova, Chisinau.

Since 1984 — member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

2004 — awarded the "Diploma of the Russian Academy of arts", painting ceilings in the interior art design of the club "a-ELITA"

Member of the Association of artists of artists of St. Petersburg "the Wall".

Member of the society of artists of St. Petersburg.

Lecturer at Saint-Petersburg State University of Service and Economics. Associate Professor of costume Design.

The author of over two dozen works on the facades and interiors of public buildings, private interiors.

Participated in over 100 art exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Author of 9 solo exhibitions.

Works are in the collections of the State art Museum of Kishinev. — State art gallery, Petrozavodsk.

— In private collections: Russia, Germany, Finland, Italy, France, UK, Switzerland, Holland, Israel, USA and Canada.

8.12.1952 G. was born in Leningrad.

He graduated from the Leningrad Higher art.- prom. school. V. Mukhina. 1977.

Artist of monumental and decorative painting. Painter.

In Moldova, since 1977.

A member of the artists Union since 1984.

Left to relocate to Russia, St. Petersburg. 1994.

Typical work:

-"Telegraph revolution" in Painting, encaustic hot. The Foyer Of The Chapters. Telegraph, Chisinau.1977.

- Mosaic Of "Peace-Work-Creativity". On the facade of the DC plant "Iskozh", Chisinau, 1982. All-Union exhibition "Artists - people",1982.

- Monumental and decorative painting "the Circus". Recognized as the best work in 1982. Hot encaustic. The Foyer Of The State. the circus from Chisinau. All-Union exhibition "Artists - people",1982.

- "The Kuril Islands". H., M., 80х110, 1981.

Republican hood. the exhibition "On guard for peace", 1980.

Graphic series: "the artist". B., temp., 1976-79years.

Republican hood. exhibition "drawing-Printmaking-Poster". 1979.

- "In the Studio of military artist." H. M., Republican hood. the exhibition "On guard of peace". 1980.

- "Still life". H., M., 1980. "Pine". H.,M., 1981.

International exhibition in Afghanistan.

- "Dead tree", "Malokurilsk". All-Union exhibition. "The youth of the country".

- "Malanka", "Devotion Of Bosch". B. T., feather. 1980. Republican hood. exhibition "drawing-Printmaking-Poster". 1981.

- "Toy-land". H.,M., 110х100, 1986. Respubl. the exhibition "Masters of culture for peace". 1986.

"Leaving rains". H., M., 71х78, 1984. Respubl. the exhibition "Always on the alert".1988

The artist's work was shown at the exhibition "Russian branch of pictorial tree of Moldova" organized by Association of Russian artists of Moldova "M-ART" dedicated to the Day of Russia 06. 2005.


Yu Brynza. Respubl. the exhibition "Always on the alert", 1988./.Directory. Kish., Timpul. 1989.

L. Sadnik. Respubl. the exhibition "Masters of culture for peace". 1986./ Directory. Kish., Timpul. 1988.

The artist's works are in the collections of the exhibition hall of the artists ' Union of Moldova.

Malanka. B. ink., pen., 36х48, 1980."Chinese vase", oil on canvas, 110х90, 1987.

"The Kidnapping Of Pomona". B. ink, pen, 48х36, 1980.

Fragment of painting "the Circus". Hot encaustic, 1982..

Solemn day. H.,M., 160х138, 1982.

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