Borisovich Oks

Russia • 1899−1968

(1899, St. Petersburg - 1968, Moscow).

Bright representative of the Moscow school of painting. A brilliant colorist. The representative of the so-called "silent avant-garde." Painting the ox was not recognized by official structures because of its "formalism", which in the USSR was conducted from the late 1920s to 1980-ies. The present recognition to the creativity of Evgeny OKS comes only in our days. He studied at the Odessa art school (until 1918), the school of painting and drawing by Vasily Shukhaev and Alexander Yakovlev in Moscow (until 1922). Possessed literary talent, in 1918 he participated in the creation of Odessa "Club of poets" combining the color of the young Soviet literature. There were: Eduard Bagritsky, Yuri Olesha, Ilya Ilf, Valentin Kataev, and others. In 1920-30-s work in "New art Studio" Mstislav Dobuzhinsky in St. Petersburg, and as a theater artist in theaters Korsch and "Aquarium". Participant of art Association "N. About.Well.". Since 1930 – member AHRR. He worked as a poster artist and Illustrator. Oksa personal exhibition was held in Moscow in 1965. His works are in state Tretyakov gallery, in the new Jerusalem Museum and in private collections in Russia and abroad.

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