Mikhailovich Oreshnikov

Russia • 1904−1987

Biography and information

Born 20 Jan 1904 in Perm.

In 1927, Victor Oreshnikov graduated from the Leningrad VHUTEIN, workshop Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.

Participant of exhibitions since 1926.

Member of the Leningrad Union of artists since 1932.

He painted portraits, genre and historical compositions, landscapes, still lifes. Taught at Repin Institute of arts in the name of I. E. Repin (1930-1987).

PhD (1937). Doctor of arts (1948).

Professor of the Repin Institute of arts in the name of I. E. Repin (1949). The rector of the Repin Institute of arts in the name of I. E. Repin (1953-1979).

Personal exhibitions in Leningrad (1954, 1974, 1985) and Moscow (1975). Laureate of the State prize of the USSR (1948, 1950).

Member of the Academy of arts of the USSR (1954). People's artist of USSR (1969).

(20.01.1904, Perm – 1985 (1987?), Leningrad), historical painter, portraitist, teacher, Professor, full member of the Academy of arts of the USSR (1954), Nar. the artist of USSR (1969). He graduated from the Art College in the city of Perm (1924), Higher art and technical studios in Leningrad (1927). He taught at the Institute of painting, sculpture, architecture. I. E. Repin in Leningrad from 1930 he Headed the creative workshop of painting (1954), 1952 – head of the Department of painting and composition, 1954 – rector.

Wrote historical paintings by order of Perm. Museum of the revolution: "Death Borchaninova" (1927), "Kolchak Shooting CHusovskogo Communists in 1919" (1929), "the Dispersal of the Bolshevik demonstration in Perm" (1928), "Terrorist Foreheads" (1930). Later wrote of paintings on the theme of revolution and the great Patriotic war: "In the headquarters of the defense of Petrograd" (1949), "the performance of the S. M. Kirov at the XII Congress of the Communist Bolshevik party" (1954), "Saved!" (1977-1979), etc.

Created a portrait gallery of his contemporaries: E. A. Aslamazyan (1941); art historian N. N. Punina (1944), ballet dancers G. S. Ulanova (1942) and I. Y. Shelest (1949), sculptor S. T. Konenkov (1955), Italian film actress V. Cortese (1956), sculptors M. K. Anikushin (1962), M. A. Kerzina; workers, students, etc.

Member of international, Republican, all-Union exhibitions of Soviet art. Personal exhibition of works by Leningrad, 1977, 1985; Moscow, 1979.

Laureate of State prizes (1948 and 1950). Awarded with the orders of red banner of Labor (1957), the badge of Honor (1961), Lenin (1974), Friendship of peoples (1984).

Works are in State Tretyakov gallery (TG), the State Russian Museum (GRM), Perm. state art gallery (PGHG), Perm. regional Museum etc.

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