Nikitich Orlov

Russia • 1811−1863

Farm Malafidely Ostrogozhsk district of the Voronezh province 1812 - 24.9./6.10.1865, the academician of painting of the Imperial Academy of Arts [the tomb has not survived, the ashes were transferred to a common grave at Aurelioi wall; No. 131; MK]. Note: S. N. Kondakov. List of Russian artists. The anniversary directory of the Imperial Academy of Arts. SPb., 1914. S. 145.

Student of K. Brullov at the Academy of fine arts (1834-1837), where he went after a poor childhood and youth, when he, leaving the parental home, earning a living by the writing of images and portraits of the landlords of the Voronezh province. Received medals: in 1836 - 2 silver; in 1838 - 1 silver for portraits from nature: vol. Golitsyn, Ms. Timofeeva and girls Essen. In 1837 the title of a free artist.

Most of my life after the Academy Orlov Pimen spent in Italy, where he assisted the company to promote artists went in 1841. There is quickly gaining notoriety for his many paintings made in the Italian domestic version of classicism with its exaggerated beauty in the depiction of the characters and setting. Paintings were in great demand at home, so the artist meticulously treated to ensure that they are delivered in time for St. Petersburg. Find your place in art galleries and private collections in popular portraits of P. N. Orlov. Since 1857, the artist and academician. His paintings can be found in major museums around the country, and it is a sure indication that the memory of P. N. Orlov is alive and his name is among the prominent representatives of the great Russian painting of the XIX century.

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