Mikhailovich Osipenko

United States • born in 1942

Born in the midst of a war (1942) on the birthday of his mother in a small Siberian town in the family, many have lost in 1938. Graduated from Bauman. Bauman on a speciality "flying machines" in 1965. The rocket was too military occupation. So - postgraduate in the Institute of Earth physics with a thesis on the physics of earthquakes. Then I worked in an academic institution. At work and during the holidays he participated in expeditions and trips through the provinces of the Caucasus, Crimea, Northern rivers, the Northern Sea route, geophysicists, biologists, sailors. A box of paints was usually with him.

In those days it was impossible to legally obtain a second higher education without direction from the place of work (or studying in both universities). So the interest in painting met "contraband" from his student days. Along with future wife Irina studied painting with teachers Stroganov school, drawing - in absentia pedagogical Institute (where you can settle down to the group working with nature - students correspondence students each other is not known) and in cemeteries (figure sculpture), history of art at the Institute, listened to, skipping lectures at the Institute. Worked for a time on contracts at the Plant. Enough experiences at work: for example when testing a new model of an icebreaker in the Arctic once had to run across the ice near the icebreaker, to consider how he breaks the ice. Was the wind, the snow stuck in large clumps on the lashes, making it difficult to see, and the first mate swore into the megaphone not to go into the danger zone.

In painting it is important through the organization of color decisions to see that some parties are not indifferent to each other and the creative principle in nature, which is one of the bases (principles) of mutual acceptance and understanding. In this sense, art cannot be separated from the usual (home) Affairs, each of which has elements of such relations.

A large family of five adult children. During their childhood in summer, we went to the Caucasus - there in the valley of a mountain river (the river Pshekha) away from the resort of civilization was we have a summer house among the local exotics. Suffice it to say that the stove was a wood of valuable species (beech, pear, hornbeam, etc.). In new times summer escape on the Volga not far from Kineshma, which determined the work of recent years.

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