Nikolaevich Osipov

Russia • born in 1928

Biography and information

(R. 28.2.1928, 2nd Irgizsky nasleg, now part of the Mountainous district of the Yakut ASSR), a Soviet painter, honored artist of the RSFSR (1968), corresponding member AH the USSR (1973). He studied at the Moscow art Institute. V. I. Surikov (1949-55). Creates a dedicated to the contemporary life of the peoples of Yakutia mainly genre (but with a highly developed portrait) painting, tending to the decorative planar manner ("kolkhoz", 1967, a triptych of "Gray Vilyuy", 1969, "the Construction of houses in the nasleg Myth", 1972, all in the Directorate of art exhibitions of the Art Fund of the RSFSR, "Honored coach of the USSR Dmitry Korkin with students. Churapchinsky school", 1971, Directorate of art exhibitions of the Union of artists of the USSR). Awarded the order of red banner of Labor.

Lit.: Potapov I., the Images of his native land, "the Artist", 1972, № 8.

People's artist of USSR, honored artist of the RSFSR, honored artist of the Yakut ASSR, laureate of the State prize of the RSFSR. S. I. Repin, the Lenin Komsomol prize of Yakutia, a member of the Academy of arts of the USSR, President of the Academy of spirituality PC(I), painter.

Born in II Bergitska the naslega gornogo ulusa. In 1945 he graduated from the Yakutsk co-operative College. In 1947 he graduated from the Moscow secondary art school at the Institute. V. I. Surikov. In 1955, the Moscow state Institute of im. V. I. Surikov (faculty of painting, workshop of Professor P. P. P. F. Kotov and Reshetnikov).

After graduation in 1955-1957 A. N. Osipov works as a teacher of Yakut art College; since 1957 goes to the creative work; in 1994-2004 he worked as a Professor and head of Department of painting of the Yakut branch of Krasnoyarsk art Institute, 2000-2004 – worked as a Professor and head of Department of painting at the art faculty of the Arctic Institute of culture and arts. 2004 G. A. N. Osipov is on creative work.

Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 1956, the same year a member of the Union of artists of Yakutia; from 1968 to present – Secretary of the Board of Russian Union of artists; from 1966-1991. member of the Board of the Union of artists of the USSR; from 1967 to present time – Chairman of the exhibition Committee of the region "far East"; since 1973 – a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Arts; since 1988 – member of PAX; since 1996 – President of the Academy of spirituality of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

Elected Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR ninth Convocation (1984-1989), the Supreme Council of the Yakut ASSR of the two convocations (1967, 1980); is one of the co-authors of the State Emblem PC(I). Since 2005 member of the National Academy of arts of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The creative activity of the painter began with graduation pictures on the history and everyday life the theme of "Exile shaman", which gave impetus to the subsequent development of the Yakut painting, the development of the genres of portraiture, landscape and narrative paintings. His works such as "Holiday reindeer", "a Film in yaranga", "Cry", "kolkhoz", "Yakut wrestlers", "Honored coach of the USSR Dmitry Korkin is with the disciples," triptychs "In the land of the ancestors" and "grey Vilyuy", "Group portrait of people writers of Yakutia", "the Breeders. White nights", "Ysyakh", "Munch – feast of ice fishing for carp", portraits of workers, intellectuals, MOMA landscapes, Mongolian series differ in the depth of the development problems of life, penetration into the spiritual world of the contemporary, a new understanding of the expressive means in painting on a realistic basis. A vivid example of monumental-decorative painting of the artist is painting the lobby of the Yakut musical theatre on the theme of "Ysyakh. Yakut national holiday". In the late 1990s – early 2000s, A. N. Osipov has created a series of works devoted to the Altai. In 2003-2004 he made his two trips to the Himalayas, the result was a series of portrait and landscape works in painting and drawing – a total of about 50 works. In 2003-2006 there was a series of landscapes of Ancient Russian cities – "Russian winter": Pereslavl-Zalessky, Suzdal, Zagorsk, Tutayev, Rostov – only about 60 works. In 2006 it established a series of landscapes as a result of the trips to Kyrgyzstan and North Eveno-Bytantayskiy ulus of Yakutia.

A. N. Osipov is a large artist, a prominent public figure, widely known not only in Yakutia and Russia; his works known in other countries. Personal exhibitions took place in Egypt, France, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Finland, Mongolia, Japan, China.

For merits in development of fine arts was awarded the order of red banner of Labor (1971), order of Honor (1999), Gold medal of the Academy of arts (2001 and 2004) and many other medals, certificates of honor, an honorary citizen PC(I) (2000).

In Matejska the naslega gornogo ulusa art gallery of people's artist A. N. Osipova, where are exhibited more than 100 works, more than 100 works are in the collections of the National Art Museum PC(I), the picture "the national holiday Ysyakh" and the triptych "of Arkhangai Arata" in the collection of the State Tretyakov gallery (Moscow), portrait Shumilova and Northern art in the collection of the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), as well as in the collections of museums and galleries of the cities of Chuguev, Nalchik, Lvov, Yaroslavl, Semipalatinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Tobolsk, Chita, Khabarovsk, Bishkek, Angarsk, in private collections of different countries and cities.