Igorevich Ostrovsky

Russia • born in 1936

Born in 1936 in Moscow. He graduated from the workshop of the poster of the Moscow state art Institute. V. I. Surikov (1960). Studied at M. M. Cheremnykh, N. A. Ponomarev. In 60-e years worked in the film posters. The participant of Republican, all-Union and international art exhibitions.

1977 Exhibitor group exhibition in Moscow.

1963 member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Major works: "9 days of one year" (1962), "We affirm forever the Union of science and labor" (1965), Dzhamilya (1969), "Solidarity, peace, friendship" (1971), Mir (1972), "Save mother nature" (1975), "Save the monuments! Restore ruined!" (1976), "improvements in the fields!" (1977), "the Constitution of the USSR" (1978), "BAM — the all-Union shock Komsomol construction" (1979).

The poster. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

He graduated from the Moscow State order of the red banner of Labor Institute of Art. V. I. Surikov in 1960 with a degree sign. Vasily Ostrovsky has made a fundamental contribution to the development of the poster in all its genre forms.

In his early career in the 60s gained notoriety, working in film posters. They executed and highly appreciated by the audience and art community posters for such films as "9 days of one year", "the King Stag", "Ordinary miracle" and many others.Worked also in the field of political poster with publishers "Soviet "Artist", "Poster", "Panorama", is constantly involved with their posters and graphics in all the major exhibitions, all-Union, Russian and Moscow group. Held two solo exhibitions. Member of the I-th, II-th and VI-th Biennale in Warsaw and other International exhibitions and competitions. The work of V. I. Ostrovsky marked by numerous diplomas and awards.

In the 90-ies, as chair of the section of the poster and a Board member of the Moscow Union of Artists, became the initiator of the organization and participated in a few exhibitions current socio-political poster featuring author, civil the position of the Moscow poster artist. The work of V. I. Ostrovsky, reviews about them in mass media and special editions have been published, few of them (reproductions of posters during the 90-ies) included in the major publication "Russia XX Century. The history of the country in the poster". In 2002, V. I., Ostrovsky teaches at the Department "Graphic Arts" discipline "Poster".

(Source: website of the Ministry of agriculture)

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