Sergeyevich Otarov

Russia • 1916−1991

Biography and information

Was born in Tbilisi in 1916. In 1926 1931гг. he lived with his parents in Germany. 1936-1941. he studied at the physical faculty of Moscow state University. In 1941. went as a volunteer to the front, participating in the battles of Stalingrad, in the liberation of Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia. The end of the war, meets in Vienna. In 1946. comes to work in the Moscow power engineering Institute, where he wrote his thesis. With 1950, is engaged in painting at various art studios, talks with artists: P. Sokolov-Rocks, P. Konchalovsky, M. Saryan, A. Kuprin, V. Veisberg. In 1952. out of science, fully devoting himself to painting. Since 1960. working as an artist-consultant Correspondence public

University of the arts (ZNUI). In 1991. he died in Moscow.

Works are in galleries and collections in Russia, France, Sweden, Germany, England, USA, Japan, Finland, Austria, Estonia, Armenia and other countries.

Personal exhibitions:

1980 - first exhibition, Moscow Committee of graphic artists, Malaya Gruzinskaya, Moscow

1983-1985 - research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow

1986 - editorial Board of the journal "Decorative art", Moscow

1986 - the Moscow Fund of culture

1989 - the Moscow House of the architect

1989 - Exhibition hall Building exhibition, Moscow

1994 - Central House of artists, Moscow

1996 - Central House of artists, Moscow

1998 - exhibition hall of the magazine "Our heritage", Moscow

1998 - gallery "Belyaevo", Moscow

1998 - gallery "seasons", Moscow

2001 - the State Institute for art studies, Moscow

2002 - "Russian gallery", Tallinn, Estonia

2006 - Russian Academy of arts, Moscow

2006 - Russian scientific research Institute cultural and natural heritage. D. S. Likhachev, Moscow

2006 - gallery "Roslyn", Moscow

Group exhibitions:

1989 - gallery Drouot, Paris, France

1990 - gallery Lutetia, Paris, France

1991 - gallery Gamerlounge, Stockholm, Sweden

1992 exhibition of the Association "Wheel", gallery "Belyaevo", Moscow

1991 - municipal art gallery, Bordeaux, France

1992 - gallery "the Former custom house in St-Prex", Geneva, Switzerland

1998 - the Embassy of Germany in Russia, Moscow

1999 - exhibition "the Ararat and Noah", "Gallery na peschanoy", Moscow

2000 - Estonian Embassy in Russia, Moscow

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