Trofimovna Pavlenko

Russia • 1896−1991

A Student Of M. Boychuk. More than 100 works located in Cherkassy art Museum. Wife of V. F. Sedliar, the artist, until 1929, she lived in Kiev, then in Frunze (Kyrgyzstan), after the war in Moscow

Oksana Pavlenko is a talented student of M. Boychuk, which was fortunate to avoid the sad fate of their comrades at work. Extremely able-bodied, she participated in all the activities and works that M. Boychuk, V. sedlar, I. Padalka. Working in mezhigorye, it is their works and their students have won a great reputation, participating in exhibitions in Kiev, Moscow and abroad. And when in the late 20-ies Pavlenko was invited to teach in Moscow, she goes, hoping there to help their comrades.

The artist lived a long life. Died in 1991. Worked as a muralist, Illustrator, graphic artist and master of decorative arts. Through all her life she has carried the truth about M. Boychuk and his followers, about the Ukrainian art from the 20s and 30s, which is justly attributed now to the best achievements of world culture of the early twentieth century.

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