Egorovna Pakhomova

Russia • born in 1946

Born in Yelets, Orel region.

1968 Graduated from the Moscow art-industrial school im. M. I. Kalinin.

1968-1988 graphic designer Altai artistic production workshops of the artists Fund of the RSFSR.

1984 member of the Union of artists of the USSR (since 1991 - member of Union of artists of Russia).

1988 Moved to Smolensk. On creative work.

1996 participant of the international plein air "Jurrasic autumn-96", Czestochowa (Poland).

1997 Awarded the top a bronze prize for a series of watercolor works exhibited at the exhibition of works and creative contest of women artists Russia "Spring salon-97", Moscow.

1999 Awarded the diploma of the Union of artists of Russia.

2003 Awarded Diploma of the Russian Academy of arts.


From 1961 to 1988 participant of regional art exhibitions (Altai),

since 1988, the participant of regional art exhibitions (Smolensk),

personal (1982- Barnaul, 1982.- Pavlov, 1992.- Smolensk, 1995.- Moscow, 1996.- Smolensk).

1977 Republican exhibition "Soviet Russia", Moscow.

II regional art exhibition "Always on the alert".

1978 II zonal exhibition "Young artists of Siberia", Omsk.

1980 V zone exhibition "the socialist Siberia", Barnaul.

1982 Republican art exhibition "50 years of Komsomolsk-on-Amur", Khabarovsk.

1983 the Republican exhibition "Altai Niva", Moscow.

III all-Russian exhibition "drawing and watercolor", St. Petersburg, Russia.

1984 Republican exhibition "Altai Niva", Moscow, Barnaul.

1985 Republican exhibition "In the blue mountains of Altai", Moscow.

Zonal exhibition "the socialist Siberia", Kemerovo.

1989 Exhibition of Smolensk artists in Vitebsk.

1990 VII regional exhibition, Vladimir.

II all-Russian exhibition of easel graphics, Moscow.

Group exhibition "along the old Smolensk road," in Vyazma, Smolensk.

1991 inter-Republican exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland in the works of artists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus", in Smolensk, Minsk.

1992 all-Russian exhibition "Russia", Moscow.

1993 national exhibition of unique graphics, Moscow.

1995 all-Russian exhibition "Defenders of the Fatherland is dedicated", Moscow.

Exhibition of Smolensk artists in the city of Hagen (Germany).

1997 Personal exhibition on the results of the international plein air "Jurrasic autumn-97", Czestochowa (Poland).

Exhibition of works and creative contest of women artists Russia "Spring salon-97", Moscow (the main bronze award).

Exhibition of prize-winners of "Spring salon-97", Moscow.

VIII regional exhibition "Artists of Central regions of Russia", Moscow.

All-Russian exhibition devoted to the 850 anniversary of Moscow, Moscow.

1999 all-Russian exhibition "Russia", Moscow.

2000 all-Russia exhibition "to Your Name", Moscow.

2002 international exhibition "Watercolor siabryna" , Vitebsk (Republic of Belarus).

Interregional exhibition "young Russia. The art of Russia in the beginning of the third Millennium", Bryansk.

2003 Regional exhibition "Artists of Central regions of Russia", Lipetsk.

All-Russia exhibition "Heritage", Voronezh.

Overseas exhibition of Smolensk painters in Orsha (Belarus).

Mobile exhibition of Russian Academy of arts, in Smolensk, Moscow.

2005 international exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war, Moscow .

Work Pahomau V. E. are stored in the Smolensk Museum-reserve, the museums.: Gagarin, Smolensk region, Pavlovsk of Altai Krai, Altai Museum, are in private collections in Russia, Germany, France, Greece, England, USA, Canada, and Hungary.

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