Petrovich Petrov

Russia • 1770−1810

Student drama schools in the Directorate of the Imperial theatres, he took art lessons from F. A. Alekseeva. In 1787-1801 taught drawing in the school of mines, in the mining the rank of the 12th grade was added to the Hermitage. In 1794 "appointed" by the decree of Alexander I appointed the Ural and Siberian factories for "removing types".

Pupil Of Academy Of Fine Arts.

Student of the founder of the urban Russian landscape by F. Y. Alexeyev. In 1787-1801 taught at the drawing school of the St. Petersburg mining school, carried out orders of the Imperial court. In 1801 was added to the Hermitage "master of painting". In 1802, by decree of Alexander I sent to Siberian plants for removing types, in the same year arrived in Barnaul. From here travelled to the Altai mountains, Nerchinsk mining district, Bukhtarma.

While in Barnaul, was in correspondence with the count A. S. Stroganov, who was a patron of the artist, were sent to work in Peterstow Academy of arts. In 1806 for the "View Bukhtarma mine" elected member of the Academy. painting. Petrov wrote watercolor "View of the Barnaul silver melting plant," oil sketch "View of the inside of the Barnaul plant", performed a drawing pen with the image of the city panorama from the high Bank of the Barnaulka. Drawings and watercolors Petrova give an idea about the interiors and external appearance of production. buildings, about how the city looked in the early nineteenth century Died in Barnaul. After the death of Petrov more than 200 drawings, sketches, sketches, created in the Siberian period, was sent at the request of the Cabinet in Petersburg. Currently, most of them located in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

(author - T. M. Stepanskaya)

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