Ivanovich Petrov

Russia • born in 1918

(R. 18.03.1918, Chelyabinsk), painter, member. CX Bulgaria (1947). Dec. 1933 living in Bulgaria. In 1940-44 he studied at the Sofia AH.. Marinova and I. Petrov. 1947 participated in exhibitions in Bulgaria and other countries. In the works of P. submitted to the OSN. genres depicted. art – portrait, landscape, still life. Among Express. tools Chapter for the artist's touch. Most of the work. – landscapes of Bulgaria the ancient town of Melnik with its unique. Cretaceous mountains, Koprivshtitsa, in the mountains near the Valley of roses, Rhodope, Tryavna, Elena, Dobrogea etc. Works in techniques of oil painting, monotypes, watercolors. Each with their own Express. opportunities; P. feels and understands. In 1998 took the persons. exhibition in the Bulgarian cult. center (Moscow), in 2001 in COCH. The work of P. are in the museums of Bulgaria, in private collections in America, Italy, England, Sweden, Switzerland, South. Korea, Japan etc. countries and in Russia (Krasnodar, Cheboksary). In 1999, COCH donated 30 works in 2000 – 33. This is a small part of the creative. heritage, covering 1970-90-ies.,– the stage of maturity of the artist. Awarded hordes. “Cyril and Methodius” 1st and 2nd step.

T. V. Batova

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