Sergeevich Pikunov

Russia • born in 1938

B. 03.02.1938, Zagorsk (Moscow region). He studied by Correspondence at the people's University of arts. N. To. Krupskaya (1970-75) K. Mordovin A., L. I. Kuzovkina.

Artist Kombinat BYTOVOGO obsluzhivaniya (1974), SHPM (1975-88). Member of the artists Union (1996).

Made a trip to the creative cottage AUR Hot key (Krasnodar territory) in 1974, 1975.

Author of landscapes and still lifes, and compositions in which there are elements of different genres. Performed works (H., hardboard, m): "dried flowers", "Dove" (both 1975), "dried flowers" (1989), "Bath", "wild flowers" (1990), "Landscape with goats", "First flowers", "Twilight" (1992), "still life with flowers" (1994), "country yard" (1995), "Purple flowers" (1998), "Pine cones", "Flowers and subframe", "Quiet autumn" (2000), "playing in the snow" (2001), "Early snow", "Birdhouses" (both 2002), "Birdhouses", "Beginning of winter" (both 2003), "the Jury" (2004).

Participant of exhibitions (from 1957), including: the Moscow regional art exhibitions (M., 1974, 1975, 1985, 1986), zonal art exhibition (Ivanovo, 1976), "Autumn salon" (Sergiev Posad, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002), "Artists Sergiev Posad" (Wiley, 2004).

Exhibition of the works of P. was held in 2001, 2003 (Sergiev Posad).

The work of P. are in private collections in Russia, Germany, France, Poland, England, and Japan.

CATALOGS: Autumn beauty-1998: the year of painting, drawing and sculpture III exhibition. – Sergiev Posad, 1998. – S. 6. – Autumn salon-2000: K-g painting, graphics and sculpture exhibition IV. – Sergiev Posad, 2000. – S. 14. – Autumn salon-2002: the year of paintings, drawings and sculpture of the V exhibition. – Sergiev Posad, 2002. – S. 15. – Autumn salon-2004: K-g painting, graphics and sculpture. – Sergiev Posad, 2004. – S. 14. – PERIODICALS: Forward (Sergiev Posad). – 2001. – 20 Oct (T. Kiseleva. "His" and for sale). [92]

L. M.

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