Alexey Alexandrovich

Russia • 1859−1913

Biography and information

He studied at the Kostroma school, where not completing the course in 1878 he entered the St. Petersburg Academy of arts. In 1887 after graduating from the Academy of arts was awarded the title artist of 3 degrees. In 1888. The 2 - level. In 1890 the artist 1-degree. Lived and worked in St. Petersburg.

Born in Kostroma earth Alexei Alexandrovich Pisemsky passion for painting and forced to give up teaching at the real school and to go to St. Petersburg (1878), to become volnoprihodyaschim student of the Academy of arts. Since 1879 A. Pisemsky goes into academics. Received medals in 1880 - 2 silver; in 1883 two 2 silver; in 1884 - 1 silver; in 1885 - 1 silver. In 1887 he graduated from the Academy of arts in the rank of class artist third degree. The number of landscapes painted by the artist, great, they are eagerly bought by collectors. Among them were representatives of the Imperial family. A. A. Pisemsky willingly participates in various domestic and foreign exhibitions, the names of the paintings say about the character (tone) of his works: "Autumn in the Park", "Twilight", "Swamp", "After the rain", "Road", "Spring flood", "Frost", "Late autumn", "Pear blossoms", "Willow", "Spring" (property of the Academy of fine arts), "In the Park" (property of Empress), "On the hill" (property of P. M. Tretyakov), The precipice (the property of the Academy of arts), etc. (it is Clear that the owners appear on the last decade of the nineteenth century.) In 1888, the A. A. Pisemsky was awarded the title of class artist of the second degree, in 1890 - the title of class artist of the first degree.

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