Anatolyevich Poletayev

Russia • born in 1959

Member of the Union of artists of Russia.

Awarded the order of "St. Sergius of Radonezh" III degree.

Honored artist of the Russian Federation.

Works in the genres of thematic painting, portrait, landscape, still life; monumental art - temple and secular painting.

Born in 1959 in city Orekhovo-Zuyevo Moscow region.

Seven years was engaged in izokruzhke of the pioneer.

1977-1979 service in the army.

1982 – graduated from mhpu them. Kalinin (Department of artistic painting).

1983 - 1988 – studied at MVHPU them. S. G. Stroganov, Department of monumental-decorative painting, workshop under the guidance of the full member AH the USSR O. P. Filatchev.

1989 - 1992 – scholarship of the creative workshops of the Russian AH under the leadership of S. P. and A. P. Tkachev

The artist executed a number of monumental works; including:

Paintings of the Temple of Christ the Savior - "the Evangelist" and "the Descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles" in the Central space of the Church.

The iconostasis and the interior of the Cathedral of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk "the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Painting of the Church "joy of All who sorrow" (Moscow) patriarshee PODVOR'e.

Historical paintings and the diorama for the "Mausoleum of atatürk" in Ankara (Turkey).

Currently, along with easel paintings, are painted in the churches of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Participant in national and international exhibitions.

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