Georgievich Poplavsky

Russia • born in 1931

(R. 15.02.1931, Rivne, Ukraine), painter. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1995). Academician of the Academy of arts of the USSR (1991), the Russian Academy of arts (1991). Honored art worker of the BSSR (1977). People's artist of Belarus (1997).

After graduating from the Belarusian theatre and art Institute (1961) taught (1962-1965). In 1965-1968 teacher of the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute. Since 1988 head of the Creative academic workshop schedules of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Belarus.

Works in easel and book graphics. The artist of wide range, owns the techniques of oil painting, watercolors, lithographs, etchings. Works of marked individuality of the national character. Among the paintings: "the Sons of guerrillas" (1969), "Braslav Kolkhoznitsa" (1970), "Blockade" (1976), "Cane" (1977). The most significant graphic series devoted to historical events of Belarus: "Memory" (1968), "Braslav - the land of lakes" (1971-98), "the long knives" (1982), "Chernobyl. Trees without leaves" (1987). In the book the chart: the decoration of the works of Yanka Kupala, Y. Kolas, A. Kuleshov, V. Korotkevich, V. Bykov, A. Adamovich, classics of world literature.

Prize of Lenin Komsomol of Belarus in 1970 for the artistic development of the national Belarusian subjects in the field of easel graphics and book illustration. Diploma "the most Beautiful book in the world" contest in Leipzig (1968) for the preparation of the book "the New earth" Kolas. International award named George.Nehru 1974 for easel sheets "Indian diary" and the book design ancient Indian parable "Thirukural". Silver medal of the Academy of arts of the USSR for the illustrations to Ya "favorites" (1984). For the development of Patriotic themes is awarded the Gold medal named after M. Grekov (1990). For a series of "sky High" (1971-80), devoted to space exploration - the Gold medal named after Y. Gagarin (1988). Laureate of the State prize of the Republic of Belarus (2002). For contribution to the development of Russian culture awarded the gold medal. Pushkin (2000).

Awarded the order of Friendship of peoples (1986), medal.


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