Sergeevich Popov

Russia • born in 1958

Born in 1958, Moscow. In 1976 he graduated mshsh at Institute. Surikova. In 1985 he graduated from Moscow GOV't. art Institute. V. I. Surikov. In 1981-89 he trips from the Union of artists of artists of the USSR (far East, the Arctic, Western Ukraine). In 1986 the teaching of drawing and painting at art school in Chernogolovka. Accepted as a member of the Ministry of agriculture in 1987 In 1987-91. work in Works of pictorial art. In 1997 participation in the Italian - Russian program "Russian realistic art" in Italy. In 1996-97, he painting and restoration of the Nikolo-Perervinsky monastery in Moscow. In 1997-1998 painting and restoration of the Temple of St. Martin the Confessor in Moscow. In 1999 the painting and restoration of the Temple of the Trinity in Karacharovo in Moscow. The main genre - landscape, portrait, pattern.

(Source: website of the Moscow Union of artists)

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