Ivanovich Pospolitaks

Russia • 1852−1915

(1852, Temryuk - 1915, Moscow). Born in Temryuk in 1852, After graduating from the Kuban military school 20-year-old boys enrolled in the construction school in St. Petersburg, and then moved to the Academy of arts. Leaving the Academy, young Pospolitak went on for several years in Paris to improve in painting. In Paris he studied in the best academies. In 1880-1890, Evgeny Pospolitak was a regular participant of exhibitions, who organized the "Moscow society of art lovers". Work Pospolitak bought for his collection of P. Tretyakov. Solo exhibition was held in 1895 in Ekaterinodar. Works are in state Tretyakov gallery, in many regional museums and in private collections in Russia and abroad. Entered the history of the Kuban Ekaterinodar as the founder of a school of drawing.

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