Ivanovich Potapov

Russia • born in 1924

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

B. 22.01.1924, D. Novo Lykeio (Gorky region). Lives and works in Khimki (Moscow region). He studied at the Gorky art school (1948-53), the Kharkov state art Institute (1954-60).

The participant of the great Patriotic war (1942-45), a soldier (until 1947). He participated in the battles in the composition of the 3rd Ukrainian front. Private.

Teacher Kryukov high school (Vladimir region., 1953-54), engineer (1960-61), artist SHPM (1961-84). Member of the artists Union (1964). The Secretary of the office of the creative group SHPM (1971, 1981-82), Board member of the MOOSKH (1971-73).

The author works: "the collective life" (linocut, 1960), "Young", "On civil war", "Podobinska ditties" (after all, linocut, 1961), "Young" (linocut, 1963), "Five orders of Komsomol", "the Feast of Russian winter" (both linocut, 1964), "Accomplishment" (linocut, 1966), "Mourning", "Rural interior" (both linocut, 1968), the Bride (oil on canvas, 1972), "Copernicus" (GIPS, 1974).

Participant of exhibitions (from 1957), including: the decade of Ukrainian art in Moscow (Moscow, 1960), exhibition of works of artists of the Moscow region (Moscow, 1961), exhibition of works of artists of Moscow region (Stupino, Moscow region., 1963), the 3rd national art exhibition "Soviet Russia" (M., 1970).

Exhibition of the works of P. was held in 1965 and 1976 (Zagorsk).

Awarded the Order of Glory 3rd degree, medals "For the capture of Vienna", "For victory over Germany".

LITERATURE: 50 years of the Moscow regional organization of Union of artists of Russia: the Album. – M., 1996. – P. 218-219. – We remember... Artists, art critics – participants of the great Patriotic war 1941-1945: encyclopedia / ed. by I. Nekhoroshev. – M., 2000. P. 225. – United art rating: Handbook. – Vol. 5. – M., 2002. – S. 255. CATALOGS: Exhibition of works of artists of Zagorsk: To-d / Authors-comp. V. Desyatnikov, E. Ermolaev. – M., 1975 (without pages).

J. J.

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