Alexandrovich Prigov

Russia • 1940−2007

Biography and information

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Graduated from MVHPU (1966). In 1966-77 he worked in GL. archit. the management of Moscow. The poet and the artist "unofficial direction", one of the leaders of the poetic avant-garde, the conceptualist. In verse – an ironic play on the owls. stamps, absurdism, black humor. In 1979-88 were published only in Samizdat and abroad, became widely known in the country in the years of perestroika. 1988 party hood. exhibitions. Sat-key poetry "Stihogrammy" (1985), "Tears of the heraldic soul" (1990), "Fifty drops of blood" (1993, etc. manuf.

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