Petrovich Prichetnikov

Russia • 1767−1809

Biography and information

The son of a copyist Commerce College, seven years he was given in an Educational school of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Practicing under the guidance of S. F. Shchedrin, Clerk in 1788 he received a second silver medal for drawing from life and the second gold medal "for the composition program" with the diploma of the first degree, after which he was sent at public expense abroad. In Rome he studied under the guidance Hackert. On his return to Petersburg, in 1795, recognized P. was appointed to the Academy, and in 1798, by execution of a given program, defined "learning landscape at the Academy class." In 1800, for the "View from the vicinity of Rome", awarded the title of academician, and in 1803, the views of Rome and Pavlovsk made to the advisers of the Academy. In the same year, after not fulfilled his intention to accompany the expedition of Krusenstern, Junior went to America, about what took place the resolution of the Council of the Academy: "Respecting the circumstances of the city Councilor of the Academy Pechatnikova, on the occasion of his departure on a long journey, taking two of his paintings to give him for therein 250 p., that bude therein will be sold more expensive then the other, over and above this amount, the money to read it in a academic duty, R. K. 332 52". In addition to these works, known of his "Big scenery", belonged to F. I. Pryanishnikov, and several species of the estate of Prince Kurakin "Nadezhdino", near Penza. (Cumans)

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