Viktorovich Pustoshkin

Russia • 1897−1974

Biography and information

He was born in Kovel in Volyn region. He studied in the cadet corps in Moscow. Attended classes at the Stroganov school of I. Pavlov and V. Falileeva. In 1918 in Kiev took part in the city exhibition. In 1921 he went to Paris, where he held an assistant in the Studio of the sculptor A. Blazis. In 1922 he completed a series of woodcuts, which were exhibited at the exhibition organized by the Association of painters and sculptors in the cafe "La Parnasse". Also exhibited in the salon of the Association of French artists, was a member of the Union of Russian artists in France, the group "Gang of Paris" (1926) and "a Friendly group of artists" (1927). In the late 1920s he worked as an engraver in a carpentry workshop, was exhibited in Moscow at the exhibition "Engraving the USSR for 10 years" (1927), "Color woodcut, its resources and opportunities" (1929), "Exhibition of prints and drawings of Pavlov and his students" (1929). From 1931 wrote of miniature scenery, has participated in group exhibitions: "Group of ten" (1931), "Fair schlock" (1932) and "Cabin in the open air" (1932). In 1935 he began to develop designs for fabrics, in 1944, was exhibited in the Winter salon and the Museum of modern art in Paris.