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Bartolommeo Vivarini
born in 1432
Biography and information

Bartolomeo Vivarini (Italian. Bartolommeo Vivarini; well known also as Bartolomeo da Murano; between 1425 and 1432 — between 1490 and 1499), painter and sculptor.

Born in Murano. In the first half of the 1450-ies (it is possible that until the mid 1460's) worked, apparently, mostly together with his older brother Antonio (the most significant work of this period — «the Glory of St. Peter," written for the Church of St. Francis at Padua). Among subsequent works of the Vivarini, a large place is occupied by the image of the virgin, of which the most remarkable is considered the «the virgin enthroned» (1465) for the Cathedral in Bari. The last known dated work of the Vivarini — «St. Barbara» (1490). Most of the works Vivarini executed in tempera, but he was one of the first Italian artists to use oil paint (since 1473); the letter oil Vivarini learned from Antonello da Messina.

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Artworks by the artist
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Bartolommeo Vivarini. St. John Kapitanski
St. John Kapitanski
99×198 cm
Bartolommeo Vivarini. The Madonna and child
The Madonna and child
Bartolommeo Vivarini. The virgin and child with saints Paul and Jerome
The virgin and child with saints Paul and Jerome
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