Ivanovich Repnikov

Russia • born in 1956

Born in August 1954. He studied at the Chelyabinsk art Studio Palace of culture of railwaymen from 14 to 17 years old Pavlov Rudolf Alexandrovich.

Graduated from the Chelyabinsk night school in 1971, and later a Vocational school with a degree as a bricklayer-fitter.

1979-1984 - studied at the Leningrad Higher art-Industrial school im.In.And. Mukhina ( former Baron Stieglitz), Department of monumental painting.

Speciality - monumental painting. Works in the techniques of easel painting, unique graphics, sculpture, monumental painting.

Member of Saint Petersburg Union of Artists since 1991 at the Department of monumental painting.

Recommendations for admission to the CX issued: Y. A. talaschuk (rector of the higher school of industrial art, people's artist of Russia), V. G. Leonov - head of the Department of monumental painting, an outstanding teacher O. I. Kuznetsov.

Participated in many exhibitions of community artists-monumental "the Wall", and also on Spring and Autumn exhibitions of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg. In 2004 and 2006 participated in the Biennale, curated by O. Yakhnin.

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