Nikolayevich Riss

Russia • 1804−1886

Biography and information

Franz N. Riess was known at the time, portraitist and master of the household compositions. For thirty years it becomes fashionable in Petersburg artist. In the early 1830s he creates known "portrait of a young woman in a pink dress" (1832), "Portrait of Prince Grigory Petrovich Volkonsky", "Portrait of the poet Vasily Andreevich Zhukovsky" (both — 1833), "Portrait of Prince Alexei Golitsyn, son of the Lion" (1835), etc. For the portrait of V. A. Zhukovsky, F. N. Riess was awarded in 1833 the title of academician of portraiture. In subsequent years, the artist demonstrated his high skills. In the Tretyakov gallery are his work "Gypsies in the forest" (1842) and "self-Portrait" (1843).

Dedication to Franz Nikolayevich Riesz painting and his active work on the development of Russian art led in 1863 to the election of a freestyle artist honorary member of the Academy of arts.

It is known that F. N. RISS along with famous domestic artists took part in the decoration of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg.