Ivanovich Rogozin

Russia • born in 1926

Biography and information

Born in 1926 in Moscow. He studied at the art Studio at the publishing house "Pravda" P. Sholokhov, B. Meretskogo.

During the great Patriotic war, fought at the 2nd Belarusian and Western fronts, was a machine gunner. Private. Awarded the order of Patriotic war 2 degrees, medals "For defense of Moscow", "For capture of Koenigsberg", "For victory over Germany in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945" and others.

Since 1957 participated in exhibitions. In 1974 became a member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Has diplomas MOSH RSFSR and IHO HF RSFSR. In 1954, for many years of work in the "Pravda" publishing house was awarded the order "badge of Honor".

All of the artist's works devoted to the monuments of nature of the Russian North, the lives of rural workers.

The work of Y. I. Rogozin located in the Krasnodar regional art Museum, State art Museum of Belarus, Museum of the city of Borisoglebsk and other museums around the country.