Isaakovich Rosin

Ukraine • 1913−1984

Honored artist of the RSFSR. A portrait painter was Born in 1913 in Slutsk (BSSR). Studied in 1933-1936. in Vitebsk art College, 1936-1941, worked at the Kiev state art Institute P. I. Kotov and A. S. Grigor'eva, in 1946-1950 at the Moscow state art Institute. V. I. Surikov, I. E. Grabar, V. P. Efanova, S. I. Dudnik. Participant of art exhibitions since 1952. Major works: "M. I. Kalinin in Bukhara. 1925" (1951, Museum of M. I. Kalinina), "Agitator Maria Capano-VA" (1952, TG), a series of portraits of "Advanced people of Altai" (1954, TG, MK, USSR, artists 'Union of USSR, artists' Union of Russia), "portrait of a noble farmer S. Achievei" (1954, Rostov regional fine arts Museum), "portrait of a collector cotton farm. M. V. Frunze" (1956, RM), a series of portraits of participants of the revolution of 1905 — the Potemkin PN. Olkhovsky, G. N. Poltoratsky, G. I. Okulova, P. I. Voevodina (1956-1957, Central order of Lenin Museum of the Revolution of the USSR), a series of portraits of "Advanced growers of Central Asia" (1957, RM, MK, USSR, Odessa art Museum), "Combine the father and the son Prosyannikova" (1975, CX USSR), the series "People of the Altai mountains" (1976-1977, MC of the RSFSR), "the head of the dynasty noble maralovodka F. P. Popov" (1976, national gallery at BAM).

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