Mikhailovich Romanov

Russia • born in 1955

Born in the city of Smolensk.

1977 Graduated from the Smolensk state pedagogical Institute. Karl Marx, art-graphic faculty.

1982 Awarded a Diploma of the publishing house "Poster".

1987 Worked in the House of creativity "Hot key".

1988 was Awarded the Diploma and prize at the international poster competition.

1989 laureate of the young Communist League of Smolensk.

1993 Member of Union of artists of Russia.

1994 - 1996 Member of the Board of the Smolensk organization of the Union of artists of Russia.

1998 member of the Union of designers of Russia.

1999 Awarded the Diploma of the Head of administration of Smolensk region.

Awarded with Diploma of the Union of artists of Russia.

1999-2004 member of the Board of the Smolensk organization of the Union of artists of Russia (Deputy Chairman).

2003 Awarded Diploma of the Union of artists of Russia.


C 1982 the participant of regional art exhibitions

zonal (VI - 1985, Kostroma; VII - 1990. Vladimir; VIII - 1997, Moscow),

the Republican exhibition "Russia" (1985. - Moscow; 1992. - Moscow; 1999. - Moscow).

1982 international exhibition "Poster in the struggle for peace", Moscow.

All-Union exhibition "glory. The Fatherland!", Moscow.

1984, 1988 Soviet-Polish poster exhibition, Moscow, Warsaw, białystok.

1984 international poster exhibition "For peace, humanism, against nuclear war!", Moscow.

1985 all-Russian exhibition "the World defended the world save". Moscow.

International poster exhibition at the XII world festival of youth and students in Moscow.

The V Republican exhibition of posters, Voronezh.

1986 all-Union exhibition "Space for peace", Moscow.

Personal exhibition, Smolensk.

1987 all-Russian exhibition "Artists and time", Moscow.

1988 all-Union exhibition of posters "On guard for peace and socialism", Moscow.

Regional exhibition poster, "Your work is the Foundation of perestroika!", the city of Penza.

The Soviet-Cuban poster exhibition, Havana (Cuba).

1990 Soviet-American exhibition poster "ЭКО90" cities of Anadyr, Magadan.

1991 inter-Republican exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland in the works of artists from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine", Smolensk and Minsk.

1992 Exhibition "along the old Smolensk road" (with Mosh), Smolensk.

1993 the all-Russian exhibition of unique graphics, Smolensk.

Group exhibition, the city of Sychevka.

1995 Exhibition of the pupils of Izokruzhke (to the 60th anniversary of the Palace of pioneers), Smolensk.

1999 all-Russian art exhibition "Revival", devoted to 2000 anniversary of Christianity. the city of Kostroma.

1999 all-Russian exhibition "Boldino autumn", Moscow.

All-Russian exhibition "Russia", Moscow.

2000 all-Russia exhibition "to Your Name", Moscow.

2001 international exhibition "Time. Space. Person", Gagarin, Russia .

2002 Exhibition of Smolensk painters in Lefortovo, Moscow.

2003 Regional exhibition "Artists of Central regions of Russia", Lipetsk.

All-Russia exhibition "Green murmur", Plyos, Ivanovo region.

All-Russia exhibition "Heritage", Voronezh.

All-Russian exhibition "Artists of St. Petersburg", St. Petersburg. Foreign exhibition in Orsha (Belarus).

2005 all-Russian exhibition devoted to the 60 anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, Moscow .

Works of the artist are in the collection of the County Lancashire (England) are in private collections in Russia and abroad.

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