Fedorovich Rybchenkov

Russia • 1899−1994

Painter, graphic artist, teacher, Nar. hood. RSFSR (1991). In 1921-25 he studied at the Mosk. VKhUTEMAS have L. Popova, A. Drevin, A. Shevchenko. 1919-participant of exhibitions. A member of AHRR (1925), group "13" (1929-31) and "Growth" (1928-31). Taught in ISKCON. hood. schools and studios in 1960 organized a children's art Studio. In 1981, almost blind, but continued work in the technique of gouache, transferring to a paper reconstructing from memory the landscapes and still lifes. Landscapes and genre and landscape compositions "Morning Garden" (1931), "Landscape with yellow house" (1932), "Walk" (1932), "Summer night" (1933), "Lonely. Near the obelisk" (1933), "Moscow. Early morning at Serpukhovskaya Zastava" (1934), "In the winter haze. On Maslovka" (1947), etc.

Was born in Smolensk. He studied at the Kiev art school (1915 - 1918); in Petrograd at the Academy of art (1920 - 1921).. Altman and Matveev, in Moscow at VKhUTEMAS (1921 - 1925) L. Popova, A. Drevin, A. Shevchenko. First shown at the 2nd exhibition of the Smolensk society of artists (1919). Worked in the Windows of satire GROWTH of the Western front and on the design of agitation trains. Participated in exhibitions in the USSR and abroad, particularly in all exhibitions of the group "Thirteen". Led in the Smolensk Proletkult art Studio, taught drawing in schools. In 1960 organized a Children's art Studio N1 of the Leningrad district of Moscow. Made a trip to the Urals, to the North, on Ukraine in the Crimea, on the Volga, Kama, etc., Painter and graphic artist; author of landscapes, thematic paintings, book illustrations. Since 1970 - Honored artist of the RSFSR.

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