Ivanovich Savin

Russia • born in 1949

Was born in Tula. Studied at Yaroslavl art College (1971 - 1975). Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 1980.

Participant of art exhibitions since 1974. The artist's works are exhibited at the interregional, regional, international exhibitions. Solo exhibition of paintings and drawings was held in Moscow (1986, 1991), Vologda (1993), Finland (1986), Germany (1992).

Lives and works in Vologda since 1975. The works are in Vologda regional picture gallery, Vologda state historical-architectural and art Museum-reserve, in private collections in Russia and abroad.

The artist works in oil painting in the genres of narrative, historical paintings, landscapes, still life, domestic painting, working with graphics in the technique of drawing with ink and watercolors in the genres of landscape, thematic composition, working in the field of graphic design and book graphics.

Major works: "On the Sukhona fall" (1984), "Master water" (1985), "the Breath of autumn" (1987), "the Cradle" (1992), "Behold the Man" (1992), "an Evening in Vologda" (1996), "the shadow of the wandering Jew "/1997/ "Exodus"/1997/.

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