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Nikolaevich Samokhvalov
Biography and information

Born August 21, 1894 in town Bezhetsk, Tver province.

In 1923 he graduated from the Petrograd VKHUTEMAS, a pupil of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.

He studied with Vasily Belyayev, Gugo Zaleman, Basil Shuhaeva.

Participant of exhibitions since 1914.

Member of the artists Association "KRUG" (1926−1929), "OCTOBER" (1930−1932).

Member of the Leningrad Union of artists since 1932.

Doing a poster, a sculpture, monumental and easel painting, applied and decorative arts, illustrated books.

The main theme of creativity — the image of today’s youth. The author of the painting "Girl in a t-shirt" (1932).

Winner of the diplomas of the Grand Prix and gold medals in international exhibitions in Paris (1925, 1937). Honored art worker of the RSFSR (1967).

His personal exhibitions were in Leningrad (1963), St. Petersburg (1994) and Tver (1994).

"I am an artist living rough emotional life, modernity" - so formulated his creative credo A. N. Samokhvalov in the biographical novel "My creative journey". Indeed, contemporary artists and the world, building a new life, a new life, miropoznanie this day fascinated the artist, seeking to Express my feelings.

Samokhvalov was born on the land of Tver, where he spent his childhood. He soon became addicted to drawing, under the guidance of a school teacher wrote sketches in nature.

In 1914 he entered the architectural Department of the Higher art school at the Academy of arts. Learning the wisdom of the architect’s profession, started painting, color.

In 1918 was forced to suspend classes and went to his native Bezhetsk, where he participated in the design of mass celebrations devoted to the October revolution.

After returning in 1919 to Petrograd Samokhvalov enters the painting Department of the GShM to the workshop of K. S. Petrov-Vodkin. Spatial building system picture developed by Petrov-Vodkin, find the ratio of colors and shapes fascinated the young artist. The expression of his vision, sense of dynamics time has become an indispensable companion Samokhvalova.

Journey in 1921 in Samarkand and the expedition of the Institute of history of material culture, whose members included K. S. Petrov-Vodkin, emerging artist experienced as a turning point in his Outlook and work. Indeed, in the works of Samarkand and executed upon return, we can already see the hand of an adult, self-thinking man, is well established artist ("Shahi Zinda", "At the source. Samarkand", "the water-Seller", "Insomnia", "Afrasiab", all 1921).

Equally strong impression on Samokhvalova part in the work of restoration of St. George’s Cathedral in Staraya Ladoga (1926), where he was captivated by the ancient fresco painting. Taking almost unconditionally the construction of a socialist society, Samokhvalov actively involved in the artistic life of the state, maximum bringing together their creative challenges, discoveries and revelations with the "middle folk". He is the author of classic works of Soviet art of the 1930s — "Girl in a t-shirt" (1932). In this work embodies the artist’s desire to create an image of the contemporary, evolving new society "in the labour heroism", "the triumph achieved," he expressed understanding of their painting tasks, completed mural-a monumental sense of reality. You can admire the skill of the artist not to flatter any age, any kind, the ability to identify the main thing that allowed contemporaries to admire the created image of the "spirit of time", and we, the descendants, to see this cold, sharp glance not girls, and the Builder of socialist society, tough and purposeful, alien to all things human.

The image of a contemporary young founder of a healthy life is extremely fully expressed in the subjects art of the 1930s associated with physical activity, this new cult of Soviet society. And Samokhvalova "physical training was a joy, that joy that has accumulated the potential of overcoming difficulties in the struggle to build a new life…". Suffice it to recall his contractual picture of "Militarized Komsomol" (1932−33), a series of graphic and picturesque: "Sportwoman" (1935), "Metrostroevtsy" (1934−37).

In 1937 work "the Girl in the t-shirt" was included in the International exhibition in Paris and awarded a gold medal. Then for the panel "Soviet physical culture", made for the Soviet pavilion, and for the illustrations to "history of one city" M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, the artist receives two Grand Prix of the International exhibition. "History of one city" were met and compatriots, almost enthusiastically.

Rare 1930s received unconditional acclaim and has received reviews with the title: "a Masterpiece of the printing art" (the newspaper "Evening Leningrad"). Book and book graphics Samokhvalov was engaged in 1925, working with the Leningrad publishing house "rainbow" and Dithizon. More than one generation of Soviet readers remembers the heroes of his books-pictures "Night terrors" (1927, text N. N. Aseeva), "Diving base" (1928), "Vengeful Hogar" (1929).

Since the mid-1930s, the artist is invited to work in theatres. He draws performances of "bride" by A. N. Ostrovsky (directed by O. A. Morsain, 1935, GRIT, Leningrad), "Hot heart" by A. N. Ostrovsky and "Glass of water" by E. scribe (both 1943, the Academic drama theatre. A. S. Pushkin, Leningrad), etc.

In the 1950s, Samokhvalov created a series of portraits of his wife, writes a picture "the Philharmonic" (1956), landscapes, among which a special lyricism is small in canvas Alley "Kern", solved in a sophisticated blue-green tones, full of poetic moonlight.

Different critics, contemporaries evaluated and perceived creativity of the artist. Although for admirers of his talent, and do not accept his work he was and still is the singer of the socialist "Paradise". When life officially recognized, managed to find and Express what they want, recognizable, Samokhvalov had with his style, saw the beauty in the present.

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Alexander Nikolaevich Samokhvalov. The Soviets and electrification is the basis of the new world
The Soviets and electrification is the basis of the new world
Alexander Nikolaevich Samokhvalov
1924, 86×67 cm

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Decent to Rockwell Kent. The times on the golem of ideas and visions are justly more likely. As a contrast to the business consumer culture.
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