Barnabovich Sanadze

Georgia • born in 1907

SANADZE, Cornelius Parabolic (R. 2.X.1907) is a cargo. Sov. theatre.

artist. Nar. artist Load. SSR (1965). Member. Communist. party

1947. In 1929 he graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of arts (Professor I. O.

Of Charlemagne and E. E. Lansere). In 1924 began working at t-re as an artist.

Performances designed T-RA of Opera and ballet. 3. Paliashvili - "Mother and son"

Machavariani (1945), "Daisi" Paliashvili, "the Call of the mountains" Toradze (1947),

"Carmen"; in T-re im. Rustaveli - "Under the willow" Berdzenishvili (1945); T-re

them. Marjanishvili - "wedding of the kolkhoznik" Kakabadze

(1938); in Kutaisi-t-d - "Yesterday" Dadiani

(1939), "Othello" (1939), and others Worked in film (1936).

From 1932 ved"t the pedagogical. work in the Tbilisi Academy of arts.

(1957 - Professor).

Lit.: Japaridze G., Cornelius Sanadze [monograph], Tbilisi, 1958;

Fine, sh., Sanadze Cornelius], in kN.: State. Museum of art Goods.

SSR. Art, Moscow, 1960, p. XI-XII. N. Sh.

Sanadze Cornelius Parabolic (1907-1982) — people's artist of Georgia, laureate of the State prize Rustaveli. Born in a small town in the family of a railway worker. Educated at the economic College of Tiflis (Tbilisi) he came to Moshe Toidze, where he studied until 1922. In the same year, he continued his education, enrolling in Academy of Art Tbilisi, where he studied under the guidance of such outstanding artists as gigo Gabashvili, E. M. Tatevosyan. After graduating the Academy in 1929, Sanadze started the independent creative activity, and in 1934 he began teaching at the Academy. In 1956 Sanadze was rated a PhD. K. Sanadze has worked in various artistic genres — in the beginning of a creative way as a portraitist, he later began to write and landscapes, both natural and architectural. In addition to his fine work, Sanadze known as a popular Georgian poet, author of three books of selected poems

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