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Minasovich Sarkisov

born in 1928

Biography and information


Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

B the evaluation of paintings by talented artist Yuriy TERSAR(Sarkisov) no special haste art criticism does not show, and went on the road, which, according to the word Gr. Anisimova, "worse". Tom, however had their reasons. And not only in the real complexity of the art of this master, but also in the dramatic nature of his human and creative fates. Yuri Minasovich Sarkisov was born in 1928 in Baku. Here he lived for 60 years, this city is linked to his artistic formation and all subsequent work.

In 1945 he entered the Azerbaijan State Art School named after A. Azim-Zade, from which he graduated five years later with a degree decorator-contractor. Work in the theater for him not found, and he was forced to settle for custom portraits. Since 1953, he participated in national exhibitions in 1961, admitted to the Union of Artists. Despite the lack of his own Studio, he works hard and in 1968 opened his personal exhibition at the Yerevan House of Workers of Arts. The exhibition was visited, leaving flattering to the author's opinion, Martiros Saryan - living classic of Armenian painting.

TERSAR .... breed of devotees, the seekers of the "picturesque absolute", and questions of skill, it is inseparable from ethical values.

Since his first exhibition in Yerevan the picturesque talent Sarkisov markedly strengthened, and his new exposure in the spring of 1973 made an impression on artists and art-lovers. It would seem that he resolutely turns to the left. Since the mid-seventies definitively painting system Sarkisova, clearly revealed his personal contribution to the art. For him, the very 1975-1990-ies - the time of uninterrupted prosperity, the gradual awareness of his special place in the contemporary artistic process.

He is not afflicted with the rampant "psychopatia novelty", which warned another R. R. Falk, did not deliberate on the path of formal invention in the attempt to stun and to intrigue the audience: "I've always thought he says in one of his letters, that it is impossible artificially to make a painting "style", coming up with something that was not. That dishonesty may give temporary success, but later the deception is still open. Always believed that the main thing for the artist to create their personal, hard-won and execute efficiently. Last – the main thing. Falk and Tyshler, and Modigliani were not avant-gardists of his time, but they left."


That Sarkisov born colorist, you can guess and by the early works of the master. The element of color - this is his element.

Not being in the warehouse of his talent pure landscapes or still life master, he brilliantly coped with any of these tasks. But his main achievements lie in another sphere.

The feeling of the continuity of life, slowly flowing and ever-lasting existence is not confined to a specific motive.

Create it a reality – not only the object, but the expression subjectively of his experiences, the world, really existing, and at the same time born of the imagination, an alloy of observations of the artist and of the flight of his imagination.

These real-surreal paintings do not lend themselves to unequivocal interpretation. But they do not like the visual charades other modern metaphorical, often seeking to deliberate semantic uncertainty to a complex semantic game.

In the last few years (90-e the years – A. A.) increase color expression and plastic was in hand. Interpenetrating and interacting, they reinforce each other, causing significantly won the whole.

There is no division into objects and background, there is a single svetoprestavlenie medium, color-plastic welded together.

In the works of Yuri Sarkisov markedly increases beginning subjectively lyrical.

The tragedy of common sense of life, paid a painful tension of the spiritual quest and the drama of his own biography, creative courage of the artist, ready to tell people about it, predetermined mournfully alarming sound of most of his paintings.

Today relaxedness color-plastic thinking the artist did not come immediately. Always concerned about the quality of his painting, he step by step came to increasingly complex colorful orchestration, achieving a coherent sounding set of tones, what is called the "single color tone of pictures." And this is a guarantee the natural growth of his art.

It has long been observed that the farthest is the lone traveler. But hardly from and many are attracted to the way he thorite. You need to be very confident in the rightness of the chosen direction, so adamantly believe in the uniqueness and correctness of its path. Not spoiled quick success, he has kept the faith through all the challenges that were sent to him by fate: "But I believe and know that time will work for me. It'll be my time to Shine, and be proud of the friends that also believed in my art."

Energy sekisovsky paintings spiritual properties: each of the paintings contain a psychological charge, with a range of feelings seems rather narrow. Among the dominant States – sadness, melancholy, thoughtfulness, contemplation gave me a reason to write about the work of Sarkisov art to find the dominant characteristic of his art poeticized sadness as a feature inherent in the Armenian national character. But listen to another opinion: "Yuri Minasovich - wrote about the Baku painter, an outstanding Russian art historian Mikhail Alpatov, - remarkably gifted master. His painting is bright, as bright sun or the sea, surrounded by blue mist. It makes us feel a sense of spaciousness and freedom ... Sarkisov how God can transform life into an eternal holiday, and thus bring us joy. All these qualities of his art, his life is not subject to the ravages of time."

In 1970-1980-ies of his works were in the collection of several art repositories of the former Soviet Union: the Museum of modern art in Komsomolsk-on-Amur State Museum of art of the Peoples of the East (Moscow), national Gallery of Armenia, Art museums of Saratov u-Ulyanovsk, Museum Of Fine Art, Providence, RI, USA. A lot of sketches and paintings became the property of private collectors of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Germany, USA and other countries.

(text added Alec Park)

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