Nikolayevich Sednin

Russia • born in 1968

A member of the Union of artists of Ukraine and Russia. Member of the International Federation of artists (IFA UNESCO) and International Association of graphic art (ADOGI). Member of foreign and international exhibitions. In 1994, he founded the experimental Studio at the Moscow psycho-neurological boarding school. In 1996 the Artistic Council of Tretyakov art gallery is entitled to a solo exhibition. In 1998-99, has developed a program for the rehabilitation of the psyche in the creative process of "Healing art." Opened an art gallery in Moscow. In 2000 he founded the direction of "DEE-ART". In 2002 the State Duma of the Russian Federation held a retrospective exhibition of the artist's works. He Founded The Company "Sednin Studio". . In 2003, the decision of the Board of the Professional Union of artists, the authors, working according to method N. N. Sednin included in a single rating of professional artists of Russia. In 2004 he became the laureate of Interforum "the man of the future". The Works Of N. N. Sednin are in galleries and private collections of Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain, Israel, USA, Japan. Among the famous people whose portraits were done by an artist on Commission for private collections of Russian President Vladimir Putin, French actor Pierre Richard, the President of the world Association (FCEM) Layla Khayat, couturier Pierre Cardin, prominent figures in politics and culture of Russia, heads of major domestic and foreign missions.

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