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Vladimirovich Sedov


Born in Chita. He studied at the Irkutsk Art College (1955-1959) with A.I. Vychutzhanina, S.K. Dvoinova. Member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1973. Painter. Landscape painter. He taught at the Tyumen College of Arts (1979). Member of city, regional, zonal, republican, all-Union, international exhibitions. In 1982 - personal exhibition in Tyumen (cinema "Yubileiny"). The works are in TMI, TGIAMZ, in private collections in Russia, Germany, Yugoslavia, Poland, England. Lives in Tyumen.


// Artists of Tyumen. - Tyumen, 1994 .-- S. 148.

A.V. Sedov was born in Chita in a working-class family in 1929. He developed a penchant for painting even at school. The path to art, as for many of his peers, was not straight and easy. At one time, leaving school, he studied at a vocational school; later, after finishing seven years, he went to the Far East, where he studied as a radio operator, painted in the evenings. Then he visited an art studio at the Palace of Culture in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, while working as a designer in an art workshop. In the studio, his first teacher was the painter G.Yu. Tsevilev.


In 1955 he entered the Irkutsk Art College; A. Sedov was helped by AI teachers to master the basics of painting. Vychugzhanin and S.K. Dvoinov. After graduation, he came to work in Tyumen. His landscapes, portraits, still lifes were immediately taken to the regional exhibition (1959). In subsequent years, the artist improved his skills by repeatedly visiting creative summer houses (Goryachy Klyuch near Krasnodar, Vyshny Volochok near Moscow, etc.). After returning from the House of Creativity "Goryachiy Klyuch" in 1961, Sedov painted the painting "Collective Farm Herd", acquired by the Tyumen Regional Art Gallery. In 1973 he joined the Union of Artists of the USSR (now Russia), taught at the Tyumen School of Arts (1979).


Anatoly Vladimirovich - a participant in many international, all-Union, All-Russian, zonal, regional, city exhibitions. In Tyumen, in different years, personal exhibitions have been very successful (1982, 1999, 2001). A. Sedov spent his ray years in Tyumen, in the creation he invariably turns to the Tyumen landscape. In search of a plot, he traveled all the environs of Tyumen and worked in the North. Among the artist's works are still lifes, portraits, thematic paintings, but the main and beloved remains landscape, rural and urban, small sketches close to the artist of Siberian nature. His industrial series is also interesting (Gas Installations, 1985, etc.).


The Tyumen painter has reliable, strong "roots". They go back to the creations of beloved masters - V. Serov, A. Arkhipov, K. Korovin. The key word for admission to the picturesque world of Sedov is spring. He even has an autumn landscape, in which tractor drivers raise a chill, full of spring mood. “On the Lake” (1963), “My Holiday” (1989), “Autumn” (1997), “Seagulls on the Lake” (1998) - in each painting, the artist skillfully conveys a series of magical fleeting transformations taking place in nature. It is no accident that the painter, landscape painter A. Sedov is often called an impressionist. It is no accident that one of the solo exhibitions (1999) was called "Impressions (impressions) of Anatoly Sedov."


Art historians highly value Sedov’s ability to convey thousands of shades, his sense of light: his landscape “breathes”, “lives”. Eternal, kind, steady flow of time. A river and a woman near the water. Pine in the evening light, Tyumen Upper Bor. Yacht Club: competition of sails with the wind and the sun - pure motives for the harmony of man and nature. "Anatoly Sedov looks at the world with children's clean eyes, and puts his big and kind soul into the paintings" (E. Kobelev).


Fans of the artist’s talent feel that his paintings are popular. They decorate not only the halls of the Tyumen Museum of Fine Arts, the Tobolsk State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, but are also in private collections in Russia, England, Germany, Yugoslavia. September 24, 2001 Anatoly Vladimirovich was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.


// To help the local historian. Materials for the calendar of significant and

memorable dates of the Tyumen region for 2004. - Tyumen, 2003 .-- S. - 68-69.


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