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Mikhailovich The Secret

Russia • born in 1950

Honored artist of Russia. He was born in Zagorsk. He graduated from the Moscow regional art school of Memory of 1905 and the Moscow state art Institute. Surikova.

At the beginning of his career, Valery the Secret of fruitful work in graphics – etching technique, from the late 1980s years of his creative pursuits in painting are implemented almost exclusively in the field of landscape. In this genre, V. M. Secret – one of the leading artists in our city. He is a subtle master of lyrical, intimate landscape, "landscape of mood".

B. 02.08.1950, Zagorsk (Moscow region). Husband Of E. N. Leontevoj. He studied at the art Studio Palace of pioneers and schoolchildren in Zagorsk S. A. Kochurina, the MOSS of Memory 1905 (1967-72), MGHI them. V. I. Surikov (1973-79) at the E. Kibrik, B. A. Uspensky; thesis: a series of etchings "On Altai". B. A. Uspensky, N.. Ponomarev.

Artist SHPM (1979-86). Member of the artists Union (1982). The President (1991-99), member of the Board of SPO CXP (1991). Audit Commission member of the MOOSKH (1989-91).

Made creative trips to Altai, in the Crimea, in Spain, France (1994-2004).

Performed works: etchings: triptych "Architecture", "Evening. A haystack", "Hay", "Autumn evening" (1984), "Haystacks" (1986), "the Temple in the New Shurma", "Khotkovo", "Temple", "Buzhaninovo" (1990), picture: "Moonrise" (1969), "Early spring. Volga" (1986-89), "Hay. Marina", "Spring in Paris", "France", "Sunny day" (1990), "moonlit night" (1991), "Spring. Volga", "Winter. Sergiev Posad" (both 1992), "Early triptych "August" (1994-95), "Sergiyev Posad", "Paris. The fog" (both 1995), "the Haystack in winter", "the Flood in Paris" (both 1996), "Paris by Night", "January. Frost", "Spill in Dunilovo" (1997), "Volga", "Walk" (both 1998), "a night in the box" (1999), "Village courtyard. Twilight" (2001), "the decline in Dunilovo" (2002), "Ice drift" (2003).

Participant of exhibitions (since 1970), including: "the suburbs" (Wiley, 1970), 6-th Republican exhibition "Soviet Russia" (M., 1970), 19 all-Union exhibition of degree works of artistic call of the USSR (Moscow, 1979), all-Union art exhibition "Youth of country" (Moscow, 1985), 7-th Republican exhibition "Soviet Russia" (Moscow, 1985), all-Union exhibition of graphics (Moscow, 1986), the Third zonal art exhibition "Moscow" (Moscow, 1990), "Peintres russes d hier et d'aujourd hui" (Paris, 1993), "20th Century Russian paintings" (London, 1995), "Actions of paintings by masters of Russian impressionism" (London, 1995), "Autumn salon" (Sergiev Posad, 1995 – 2nd prize; 1996 – 2nd prize; 1998 – 1st prize, 2002; 2004 – 3rd prize), "L'ecole de Rouen" (new York, palm beach), X all-Russian art exhibition "Russia" (Moscow, 2004), "Artists of Sergiev Posad" (Wiley, 2004), "the Memory of the Altai" (Sergiev Posad, Moscow obl., 2004), "Christmas exhibition" (Sergiev Posad, Moscow region., 2004-2005).

The exhibition of works of S. took place in 1985, 1990, 1991, 1997, 1999 – "Sketches of France: 1998-99", 2000 (Sergiev Posad), 1997-99 (Paris), 2005 (M).

Works by S. stored in the state Tretyakov gallery, SPMZ, HPMI RAO, Serpukhov art Museum, Krasnoyarsk art Museum, private collections in Russia and abroad: France, USA. The UK And Spain.

WORKS: Artist of Russia. – 1993. – N5 (CX organizations: Sergiev Posad). – LITERATURE: Valery Secret: Painting, drawing / Author introd. article E. Kutsenko. – M., 2000. – Valery Secret / the Author-sost. E. Kutsenko. – Sergiev Posad (without year of publication). – United art rating: Handbook. – Vol. 5. – M., 2002. – S. 266. DIRECTORY: Third zonal art exhibition "Moscow":-G. – M., 1990. – P. 21. – Autumn salon-2002: the year of paintings, drawings and sculpture of the V exhibition. – Sergiev Posad, 2002. – C. 17. – X all-Russian art exhibition "Russia": K-g / Ed. edited by A. W. Greeks. – M., 2004. – S. 47. – PERIODICALS: 1984 (Zagorsk). – January 10 (p. Kocerin. A native of Zagorsk). Bell (Zagorsk). 1991. – February (L. Kuzovkina. The viewer will read the story: exhibition in the Zagorsk Museum-reserve). – Owner. – 1995. – N2. – P. 50-52 (E. Kutsenko. "Paris salon" in Sergiev Posad). – Forward (Sergiev Posad). – 2001. – January 18 (the success of the Secret and the secret of the success). [55]

A. G.

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