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Egorovich Selivanov

Russia • 1907−1988

Biography and information

In the city of Prokopevsk of the Kemerovo region opened an exhibition of paintings dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the outstanding original primitivist painter Ivan Selivanov.

His name is listed in "the Encyclopedia of naive art", which was released in the UK. 45 years of creative activity the artist Selivanov left hundreds of paintings and sketches. Some of them are stored in prokopyevsky local history Museum.

At the time, admiring the talent of the Siberian "nugget", foreign critics have called Ivan Egorovich Selivanov Russian Pirosmani and van Gogh.

Reference: January 10 - 100 years ago (1907 ) birthplace of the famous Kuzbass naïve painter Ivan Egorovich Selivanov. It was called Siberian Pirosmani, and this is largely true comparison. Around both some time curled patrons, critics, fans - but Pirosmani, and Selivanov died alone, having found posthumous fame. "I was born my Mammy Tatiana Egorovna not for big money, not for a luxurious life, but just for life as every living creature in nature. He was brought up among a miserable class. All my life, all my work gone for nothing, and why I don't know. There really are people who will swallow my work like a ravenous crocodile, or throw? Future generations of people not to praise".

Selivanov - one of the prototypes of the main character of the movie "Serafim polubes and other inhabitants of the Earth" - about a village hudozhnik-taught, so-called "naive" painter. The attention of the audience riveted frames, in which were displayed the works of Amateur artists. Dog. Cow. Cock. A girl feeding chickens. Cat. A self-portrait. The painting was struck by the cleanliness of the astonished child's eyes and maturity of the handwriting of the master.

Ivan egorovicha admired in Paris, London, Prague, Berlin, Budapest, Bonn, Montreal, new York, and the session "Seraphim Polubes" in the Central theater of Prokopyevsk, no one paid attention to the old man, which led two teachers. So premiere for the Selivanova.

In 1990 the publishing house "Molodaya Gvardiya" published a book I. E. Selivanova and N. G.Kataeva "was life...", dedicated to I. E. Selivanova. The book contains, among other things, his diary. Ivan Selivanov did not sell their work. He sent them to Moscow - for posterity, for generations to come.

In Moscow Selivanov studied at the people's Correspondence University of arts. That Moscow and "opened" Selivanov. Movies about him, the trade fair was conceived and organized here. Local authorities and representatives of the "creative intelligentsia", the "professionals" of the artist is not recognized. In the last years of his life Selivanov was in state care, lived in built on the site of a boarding school for veterans health house in the village Inskom Belovsky district.

Died in 1988 alone, abandoned by friends and fans, filosofstvovaniya over every inch of his paintings, about every written word. Selivanov has left us with images of the life of a large. Left and the prophetic word: "Man lives as long as happy life." Left not fully appraised of Scripture-stories, started a tale of two boys Arkhangelsk.

Prokop artists ' club has published a booklet for the 100th anniversary of naive artist Ivan Selivanov.

Ivan Selivanov was born in a poor peasant family in the Arkhangelsk region. He worked as a blacksmith, a mechanic, a Stoker, stove caretaker, lived hard and poor. Drawing started at a Mature age, first in pencil, then in watercolor and oil. In 40-ies enrolled in courses of Correspondence public University of Arts, and for many years was a diligent student. Thanks to the teachers snui all work Selivanova were collected and became known not only in our country but also abroad.

Last lifetime exhibition was held in the year of the 80th anniversary of Selivanova.