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Fedorovich Semenov


Born in the city of Yaroslavl. A veteran of the great Patriotic war. The Colonel in resignation. Fought in the North-Western, Bryansk, Central, Prairie, 1, 2, and 4 Ukrainian fronts, in part 13 of artificii breakthrough RGC. Awarded five medals and 17 combat and commemorative medals.

Journalist, honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation.

I've enjoyed drawing since my teenage years. During the war years, despite all the vicissitudes of life at the front, found a way to make sketches. Still, miraculously preserved some sketches from that distant time. But the real interest in art came when he was over forty. A motivating impetus for this was, apparently, the grandeur of the Siberian and Transbaikal nature, the places where he served in various military units. Since then, for more than four decades, he leaves the brush and palette.

Creativity Semenova diverse: landscapes, still lifes, scenes of life at the front. Historical monuments of the land of Vladimir, the biblical stories that we find in his paintings. Of particular interest to the artist is manifested to genre scenes, creating multi-figure compositions, reflecting different sides of everyday life of the masses. It refers to the period of the war years and to a peaceful time. These include the paintings "On a new firing positions", "Our attack", "Between battles", "there was fighting", "Let there be peace," "Peace, labor, may", "Warm rain", "hot afternoon", "Seller of flowers". The artistic culture of performance different landscape of the author's work: "At sunset", "lake", "Golden autumn", "Night on the river Sodisca", "Mushroom places" and many others. Landscapes often act as a historical document. This primarily applies to architectural landscapes. In this respect, he has a number of interesting works: "the walls of the ancient town of Suzdal", "Castle Khrapovitsky", "XII century", "trade rows of Suzdal", "windmill", "the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl" and several others, reviving the past century. The 200th anniversary of Pushkin's birth, the author has created seven works, which the great Russian poet depicted in different situations. Vladimir Fedorovich a lot of work. His paintings were exhibited in 127 exhibitions, including at the five international in Paris, Laval, Cannes, Moscow - twice. Work purchased Semenova picture galleries and museums of Vladimir, Suzdal, Moscow, Kostroma, and others. In 2002, Moscow hosted its anniversary personal exhibition. Twenty years, V. F. Semenov Vladimir led the city club of artists "Colour". All his work carries a distinctly realist in nature, is characterized by interesting compositions, color expressiveness For the fruitful creative activity Semenov was awarded the order of Honor.

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