Vasilyevich Semenov-Amursky

Russia • 1902−1980

Biography and information

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

He was born in 1902. in Blagoveshchensk-on-Amur. In 1920–1925 he studied at the Annunciation art-industrial school. In 1925. was sent to Moscow to study at the Higher state artistic and technical workshops. Among his teachers were V. A. Favorsky, P. V. Miturich, and N. N. The Kupreyanov, I. I. Nivinsky, P. I. Lions. In 1930. graduated at the VKhUTEMAS and in 1933. became a member of the graphics section of the Moscow Union of artists. In 1946. was accused of formalism. Creating thousands of works a year, he almost never exhibited and never sold them, earning a living by retouching photos to the Great Soviet encyclopedia. Not having the funds to purchase canvases, most of his works he created on paper. Semenov-Amur died in Moscow in 1980.

The works of Semenov-Amur are in the State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow; State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg; the Museum of. Savitsky in Nukus (Uzbekistan) and other collections in Russia and abroad.


1967 – personal exhibition in the Institute for physical problems, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

1972-1976 – day exhibition in the Studio of I. Shelkovsky Moscow.

1976 – exhibition in the Central house of artists, Moscow.

1984 – exhibition in the Central house of writers, Moscow, and Podolsky showroom.

1988 – exhibition of Types ("Types") in the gallery Charley Chevalier, Paris, France.

2002 – exhibition "Landscapes" in the gallery "Kovcheg", Moscow.