Alekseevich Serebryakov

Russia • 1810−1886

Academician of historical and portrait painting; a son kolnoochenko yard man, in 1821 he enrolled in Uti. The Academy of fine Arts; in 1831, in his role as academics in the first degree, received the drawings from nature silver medal of the first dignity; in 1832 he was awarded the first silver medal for the program; "to represent Jupiter and mercury visiting Philemon and Beskidu"; in 1833, for the execution of the program for the class of historical and portrait painting "Hector chides Paris for what he left with Elena, and was not involved in the battle against the Greeks at Troy", was awarded the gold medal of the second dignity; in the same year he graduated from the Academy with a certificate for the title of class artist. As received the gold medal, he was left at the Academy for improvement. Then Serebryakov was sent overseas and, while in Rome, asked the Council of the Academy to give him an allowance that he needed to continue art education. This request was granted and sent him 1000 rubles In Rome he wrote a copy of a painting by Guido Reni, "St. Petronella". In 1840, Serebryakov, needing money, applied to the Academy's petition, in which he proposed to buy from him filled them with a copy of these paintings, and the Council of the Academy unanimously decided to purchase this copy for 1500 RUB "as this amount is quite worthwhile that can benefit the school." (Petrov)

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