Matveyevich Sidorkin

Russia • 1930−1982

Thesis in the CVC - design and illustrations for "Fables" by S. Mikhalkov, an estimation is excellent. The training took place in the graphical Department. Qualified graphic artist.

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honored art worker of the Kazakh SSR, laureate of the State prize of the Kazakh SSR.

Born in the village of Lebyazhye, Kirov region. Upon completion in 1957, the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. Repina E. M. Sidorkin coming to Kazakhstan.

The peculiar art of the Kazakh people, its rich folklore and history fascinated the artist. The first serious work Sidorkina created in Kazakhstan - a series of color lithographs based on Kazakh folk tales "the gay deceivers", is full of sparkling folk humor, the bright and varied characteristics of the characters.

A constant theme of creativity employed by the artist is the past and the present of Kazakhstan. He always tried to find such an art form that would most accurately translate the idea.

In a single decorative style is the next big artist's work - illustrations to "the Kazakh epos" the expressive black silhouettes with white contour lines. Found this decorative technique, the artist develops and enriches the following work - heavy series of lithographs "Kazakh national games". Another major work of the artist - lithographs of the monumental series "Reading Saken Seifullin", is conceptually related to the poetical works of classics of Kazakh literature. The hero of poetry of S. Seyfullin communicated through the language of graphics, vosprinimayutsya as stone monuments thanks to the increased scale of figures, a special rough texture image and a kind of built compositions. Lithograph, in the words of the author was that his first and last love.

However, the schedule was not the only art scene that had captivated the artist. Great strides Eugene Matveyevich made in monumental art. He executed several murals and mosaics for theater. Auezov, cinemas and Palaces of culture.

Major works: linocut "Elder" (1959), a series of lithographs on the theme of fairytales "the gay deceivers" (1959), a series of illustrations for the novel Auezov "Abai's Way" (1960), a series of illustrations to the "Kazakh epos" (1962), a series of lithographs "Kazakh national games" (1964), a series of lithographs "Reading Saken Seifullin" (1965), etc.

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