Biography and information

Ivan Glazunov — the son of the famous painter Ilya Glazunov. Following in the footsteps of his father, Ivan Ilyich continued the creative dynasty of Glazunov, but his works are not similar to the paintings of his father. Paintings Glazunovis chanting Russia, the admiration of people who are its soul, and the deification of nature, reverence for its pristine beauty, fraught with extraordinary strength.

Paintings By Ivan Glazunov

Working in the best traditions of classical Russian realism, Ivan Ilyich Glazunov creates real masterpieces. The soft light flowing from the paintings, immerses the viewer in a mild state of reverie, his charming tones and smooth lines. In search of inspiration, the artist travels a lot around the country, visiting its most remote corners. His paintings is a story about what he saw in these trips, that shocked Glazunov, the desire to share these feelings with your audience.

Being a connoisseur of Russian national costume, the artist frequently turned to subjects from the history of the country. The cycle of paintings Glazunov portraits of women in the national costumes of different regions of Russia are widely known not only in our country but also abroad. In addition, Ivan Glazunov participated in the decoration of temples and the restoration of icons.

Interest in Glazunov's paintings show art lovers of all ages and nationalities. His paintings take part in various exhibitions: in the fall of 2014 the artist's works were exhibited in Venice and was so impressed residents and guests of the city, that Venetian authorities asked the painter to extend the exhibition for another few months.