Viktorovna Sinyak

Russia • born in 1945

Biography and information

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

I was born in 1945. Graduated from the Moscow secondary art school at the Institute. Surikov ( faculty of K. M. Molchanov, T. N. Skorodumova, A. K. Valiakhmetov ). In 1970 graduated from the Moscow state Art Institute. Surikov, majoring in easel painting ( professors G. G. Korolev, D. K. Mochalsky ).

After graduation of 2 years working in the far East. Upon returning to Moscow more than 20 years working in the Works of pictorial Art.

Since 1975 member of the USSR Union of Artists, member of Union of artists of Russia and Moscow.

Since 1966 she participated in more than 50 exhibitions: youth, spring, autumn Moscow, regional and all-Union, including in the Tretyakov Gallery "self-Portrait in Russian and Soviet art" in 1976, at the Academy of arts of the USSR in 1979, in the Arena in 1984, in a Small Arena in 2000. 2003. 2004.

In 2007 he held a solo exhibition, which presented more than 160 works spanning the entire career of the artist.

Works in genres of portrait, still life, landscape.

Works are in the art Fund of the Ministry of culture, the Museum of Vyksa and in private collections of Russia, Germany, USA, Japan, Turkey.

(Source: website of the Moscow Union of artists)