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Khabibullovna Sitdikova

Germany • born in 1913

(R. 12.12.1913, d. Mardva Kazan lips., now agryzskogo R-na RT) people's (1983) and Honored artist (1973), BASSR. A member of the Union of artists of the USSR since 1964. Master of still life and interior, P. embodied in this genre the beauty of the Nar. life, ancient and modern., found hood. language-oriented identity NAT. embroidery, weaving, created a world filled with kindness and happiness. DOS. prod.: "On the eve of Golden wedding" (1969), triptych "In the distant Bashkir village" (1971), "the weapon of the warrior" (1974), "Sak Sak" (1977), "Bashkir grain-growers" (1981), "Kuray" (1982), "still life with Elena" (1986), "Bashkir folk musical instruments" (1987), "the Blue shawl" (1991), "Melons on a white tablecloth" (1992) - all in the Art Museum.M.In.Nesterov. In 1958 the participant resp., zonal, all-Russian., proceedings of all-Union. and Zaruba. (England, Sweden, Japan, France, Germany) exhibitions. Solo exhibitions in 1982 (Ufa, Davlekanovo, raivka, Birsk), in 1983 (Kazan, October), 1993 (Ufa). Awarded Rep. Ave. them.Salavat Yulaev (1991).

Lit.: Valieva A. World of warmth and joy. Ufa, 1992; Adia Sitdikova: Directory. Ed. introd. article rechkalova T. L., comp. V. M. Sorokin. Ufa, 1993.

(author - V. M. Sorokin)

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