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Ivanovich Smirnov

Russia • born in 1931

Biography and information

Born in the town of Gus-Crystal Vladimir region. Member of the Union of artists of Russia from 1973. Corresponding member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2001. Full member of Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2003. Vladimir graduated from art school in 1949.

His teachers were the famous masters of painting - F. N. Zakharov, S. C. the Transfiguration and Professor at the Academy of fine arts master of art history N. P. Sychev. Creative activity began in 1951. A brilliant representative of the Vladimir school of painting. The object of his true affection is its native places (Lubentina, Suzdal and Vladimir region). Smirnov member 76 of the most prestigious exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Here are some of them:

1953.- Exhibition of works of artists of the Vladimir region, Vladimir.

1971.- Art exhibition "Vladimir artists", Czechoslovakia.

1983.- Art exhibition "Krai Vladimir" dedicated 975-year anniversary of the city of Vladimir, Moscow.

1985.- VI zonal art exhibition "Painters of non-Chernozem zone", Kostroma.

1991.- Exhibition of Vladimir artists, Finland.

1993.- Exhibition of Russian artists, Paris.

1999.- Personal exhibition in House of art, Vladimir.

2000.- Interregional exhibition "Holy Russia", Vladimir.

Museums and private collections, which are the works of V. I. Smirnov:

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, State Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve, the Regional Committee of culture of the Vladimir region,

The visual arts center in the city of Vladimir, the Museums in the city of Vyazniki, Yuriev-Polsky, Vladimir region. Private collections in Russia. Galleries and private collections in Czechoslovakia, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, USA, Holland, Japan.