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March in Kolomna.

Painting, 1958

Description of the artwork «March in Kolomna.»

For the 90th anniversary of Gennady Sorogin, deserved
Tatiana Sorogina
On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Honored Artist of Russia, an active public figure of culture, spiritual ascetic in creativity, a patriot who sincerely loved Russia.
25 August - anniversary of Gennady Pavlovich Sorogin, Honored Artist of Russia, Honorary Citizen of Kolomna, Knight of the Order of the Badge of Honor, the jubilee medal For Valorous Labor and many other honorary awards, he should have turned 90 years old.

Sorogin Gennady Pavlovich (1930 - 2004)
was born in the Urals in the city of Serov in 1930.
He spent his childhood in the town of Chusovoy, located in a picturesque place on the banks of the river of the same name. From an early age, he was fascinated by the beauty of his native land, traveling along it with his grandfather. The first childhood impressions awakened in him the need to convey the exciting poetry of those places in the language of painting. Later he will write unforgettable beauty and musicality: "Ural sufferings", "Ermak's Swans" "Dancing in the Urals" (The picture is in a museum in India) and many other works.
In 1950 he graduated with honors from the Sverdlovsk Art School,
in 1956 - Moscow Art Institute. V.I.Surikov in the workshop of the professor
P.P. Sokolov-Skala, having received a diploma with honors. V.G. Tsyplakov, his beloved teacher and friend, also had a great influence on his formation as an artist. The diploma work "Old Campaigns" exhibited at the V All-Union exhibition of diploma works of students of art universities of the USSR found a great response from the audience and the public. The Tretyakov Gallery wanted to buy it, but the Russian Museum took the picture. , The Tretyakov Gallery acquired his other work - "On the Kama" ..
Member of the Union of RSFSR Artists since 1957.
The name of the talented painter quickly gained wide popularity, although he himself never aspired to this. His paintings were exhibited at the most prestigious exhibitions - all-Union. republican, zonal Since 1956, a permanent, active participant in exhibitions. Personal exhibitions in Russia, Czechoslovakia, in Germany. His works were published in magazines, catalogs on postcards
The artist was worried about different aspects of life. He responds to the events taking place around him, his gaze was fixed on the historical past and future. A deep philosophical perception of the world can be seen in the work of the author. For each picture, for each plot, he was looking for his own unique plastic language, special technique and his own unique flavor. The genres and themes of the artist's works are diverse: historical, genre
painting, religious genre, landscape, portrait, still life. Wonderful preparatory drawings, sketches, are often independent completed works. In the landscape works of G.P. Sorogin, the civic position of the artist is expressed. Permeated with a great and sincere feeling, they could have been created by a person who infinitely loves his Motherland. A series of landscapes made during creative trips to great construction sites, to the Abakan-Taishet highway, to Angara, is deeply patriotic in this respect. The works "On the Yenisei", "Angara" and a number of others are distinguished by their epic-monumental sound. They praise the work of a man who transforms the ancient Siberian land.
In his works and soulful lyrics of nature near Moscow with its dull colors, and the mysterious severity of the Urals, and flooded with splashes of light, playing with glare and rich colors Gurzuf. They are united by lightness, airiness, which conveys the harmony of the world. In other paintings, the world is full of movement, swiftness, vivid feelings, romance, expression, but at the same time landscape forms are monumental, stable, nothing destroys the integrity of the compositions. ("Marina Mnishek's Tower in Kolomna", "Evening Kolomna" - the city seems to be on fire blazing, bursting from inside the towers and old wooden houses. Looking at the glow of the sunset, the viewer is transported into the past of Kolomna, which has repeatedly burned to the ground.

The portraits he created are magnificent. Lively, plastic, colorful accurately conveying the psychology, character of a person: "portrait of the surgeon P. V. Popov", "Portrait of a woman" "Portrait of the artist M. S. Kuzmin," Portrait of the mother "and" Rimma "and others. His portraits beauties of a wife, a best friend and a muse take a separate place. The portrait "Behind embroidery" can be safely called a pearl of painting. The richness and harmony of color, soft enveloping light, plein-air lightness and professional skill in it conquer. Smoothness, fluidity of lines, grace of silhouette, meek serenity, concentration in the face of purity, white snow outside the window create a delightful female image in which earthly and spiritual beauty are merged.Variants of this work, made to order, scattered around the world and adorn many foreign galleries and private collections.
And yet, the main thing in Gennady Sorogin's work was always the historical picture. He was always worried about the fate of Russia and was interested in its great historical past. His painting "1905 in Kolomna" is addressed to the revolutionary history of Kolomna. The artist depicted the moment of the collision of the revolutionary workers with the Cossack cavalry. The acuteness of the conflict is emphasized by the dynamic composition and the coloristic structure of the painting - the clash of intense colorful tones.
. Back in 1957 he created a sketch for his famous epic painting "For the Russian land!" In 1980, in Kolomna, Gennady Pavlovich held a personal exhibition. On it, for the first time, he introduced the audience to his new work, a sketch for the painting "Dmitry Donskoy's Entry into Kolomna." The sketch is interesting in composition, beautiful in color. It is perceived as a finished work. 1985 at the II-nd zonal exhibition "Moscow Region" the painting "For the Russian Land!" The picture, as many noted, was written in the fine traditions of the Russian realistic school. The composition of the canvas is built diagonally, it is dynamic, the coloring is restrained, tense, alarming. In the center, Dmitry Donskoy, he came to Kolomna to, together with his soldiers, stand up to protect the Russian land from foreign aliens. He is on a white horse, a red-orange cloak distinguishes him from the general mass, making him the main figure of the composition. In his appearance, courage, determination, inflexibility, confidence in the correctness of his mission. He addresses the warriors with a parting Word, raising their fighting spirit and confidence. in Victory. The priest blesses for a righteous deed. A rich, active, dense color fills the pictorial form of the work with living content. Powerful colors, bold strokes. Enable the viewer to feel the severity. Anxiety of those days, confidence in victory for a just cause. The picture fosters a sense of duty to the Motherland, patriotism.
Honored Artist of Russia since 1986. Gennady Pavlovich Sorogin did not dream of titles, he did not attach importance to the awards to which he was represented, the head of the city, and the governor .. Seeing what an invaluable contribution he made to culture, he was asked to apply for the title of People's Artist, but he was focused on creativity, I was in a hurry to make my plans come true, with all my heart I was rooting for the fate of Russia, I believed in it ..
Gennady Pavlovich Sorogin has always been a deeply religious, Orthodox Christian. Vanity and pride were alien to him .. In Soviet times, he saved the icons, snatching them almost from the fire. The pioneers were going to burn them. Now they are in our workshop. The artist painted and donated the icons to the Kolomna temple. He created several works for spiritual, religious themes: "The Star of Christmas", "Sergius of Radonezh", "Icon painter", "Religious procession in Kolomna", "Church still life." "Consecration of the well of Sergius of Radonezh in Kolomna", etc.
He created several works on spiritual, religious themes. Now they are in the place with the painting "For the Russian land are in the basement hall of the Staro Golutvin monastery in Kolomna. In the 90s., When the conflict between the people and the authorities was brewing, he begins to create another historical canvas "Bells of Russia" (In the picture Peter1, breaking off the bells and the people looking at him. What strength is in this silent gaze of people!) Unfortunately, a terrible illness did not allow him to finish this work. No matter how bad the artist felt, he never threw a brush "While you go, go" - he said.
artist are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, in the Russian Museum, in art
museums in Penza, Kirov, Perm, Sverdlovsk, Kostroma, Serpukhov, in the Kolomna Museum of Local Lore, in India, in Germany, in foreign galleries, in private
meetings in Russia and abroad. Gennady Pavlovich Sorogin made a huge contribution to the culture of our city, country and world. He created many wonderful works, permeated with endless love for Russia, the Russian people, pain and anxiety for the fate of the Motherland and pride in its heroic past, faith in its special mission ... Poster from the painting "Russian Land! Entry of Dmitry Donskoy to Kolomna." decorates the walls of our ancient Kolomna Kremlin
We invite everyone to visit our workshop, you can buy your favorite paintings
Tatiana Sorogina
Dedicated to my dad, a talented artist

You flew away into unearthly spaces
Beyond the line where the blue of heaven rings.
The pain flows in pouring rains
Chills a split soul.

All the power of colors and musical lines,
Sounding a symphony in canvases
All the work of brilliant touches,
What you created is always in my eyes.

And every creation is like a song
That gives light to its melody.
There are many of them, only a small fraction
Your inexhaustible ideas!

From your paintings epochs look at us,
Heroes of light faces, joy, sadness,
Endless fields, forests, roads -
Russia written by your soul!

Her lands are untold beauty:
Gurzuf, Siberia and your native Ural,
Traversing Russian latitudes
You wrote wonderful sketches.

On the banks of the Oka, a fishing floodplain,
I met my love and muse.

I was fascinated by the old days of Kolomna,
And our city has become your berth.
Leaving the heart in the streets and temples
He called him the Second Homeland ...

The mighty Kremlin wall
All churches, towers in the glow of dawn.
Alarming! Houses shrank in fear.
Fire is everywhere, it bursts from the inside.

He breathes furiously through the armor of the barriers
As if a dragon is locked behind a wall.
Our ancient city burned to the ground more than once,
As a bird the Phoenix was revived again.

You spoke about this masterfully-
I wrote "Evening Kolomna".

Here is an inspired rider on horseback:
"For the Russian land" gathered the people.
From the gates of Kolomna in the predawn haze
Prince Dmitry will lead his army.

Epic is this canvas
You have worked hard for many years.
Always did good deeds without ingenuity
And without pride, meekly bestowed
An invaluable contribution to the history of the country.
Not demanding greatness, rewards.

Like images of saints on canvases
You shone through the twilight of Russia
And you never lost faith
I have always considered it a messiah country.

You wrote "Bells of Russia":
"With a silent reproach, people looked from the canvas
How Peter tore off the tongues of churches.
The conflict between the people and the authorities was brewing ...

But you did not have time to finish your work:
There are canvases - in them whiteness, like a secret.
They are the cry of a dream that has not come true.
I look with longing - they hurt my heart
Outline of unfinished footprints.

You flew away into distant spaces
Beyond the line where the blue of heaven rings.
Only bitter sorrow with cold constancy,
Without letting go, it chills the soul.
T. Sorogina
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About the artwork

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Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Landscape, Architecture

Style of art: Classicism, Realism

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1958

Artwork in selections: 1 selection