Semenovich Sorokin

Russia • 1836−1886

Biography and information

Brother Basil and of Yevgraf Semenovich Sorokin, historical. painter, pupil of A. Markov Academy hood. Got her all installed silver. medals for great work and praise for the painting: "mother of God joy of all who sorrow" (1853; Nachod. in CRK. in the name of the icon, St. Petersburg), acquired in 1854, is great. angry. the medal program is written for the picture: "Vulcan forging arrows for Jupiter" and was sent abroad as a pensioner of the Academy, but because of homesickness soon returned to Russia. Having gone through two years back in foreign lands, he wrote in Rome, the image of the "Crucifixion" (1863) and Paris — "Resurrection". On his return from a journey, in 1870, he settled in Moscow, where he was a lecturer at the School of painting, sculpture and architecture. Participated in the decoration is painting the walls in the Moscow Church of the Savior and made it work was, in 1883, is recognized as an academician.