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Ivanovich the Capital

Russia • 1870−1929

Studied at ORCHIES, G. Ladyzhensky, St. Petersburg AI (1888 – 1897) in M. Klodt, later from A. Kuindzhi. In 1891 he received a second silver medal, in 1893 – the first and second silver medal, 1897 – the title of the artist, 1909 – academician of painting. Participated in exhibitions of AI (1893), Church (from 1900). Founding member T-VA im. A. Kuindzhi (1909), T-VA artists. Ilya Repin (1924 – 1929). In Soviet times, worked mainly in the genre of landscape painting, was an active member of AHRR. Lived and worked in St. Petersburg, S. Ananyevo Odessa province (1916 – 1922), Zagorsk (1923-1925), Moscow (1925 – 1929). The works are presented in state Tretyakov gallery, state Russian Museum, Samara regional HMM.

Painter. After graduating from Petersburg. AH (1897), a pupil of A. Kuindzhi. Lived and worked in Petersburg – Petrograd. In 1899 he participated in the Arctic expedition on the icebreaker "Ermak" in 1904 was in the far East, in the besieged Port Arthur. In 1922-24 the curator of the Museum of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, 1924 and lived and worked in Moscow. In the last period of life known as a landscape painter. A member of AHRR (1922), hood. about-ia "Call" (1924). Thematic paintings, portraits, landscapes "On the beach" (1897), "Winter" (1899), "Melt the snow" (1900), "the Icebreaker "Ermak" in polar ice" (1900), "Admiral Makarov and artist Vereschagin" (1904), "Autumn" (1905), "Sunset. Mill" (1906), "Hata" (1912), "the Sky frowns" (1924), "Summer noon" (1924), "Winter moonlit night" (1926), "Winter in the country" (1927), "Spring flowers" (1929), etc.

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